XOXO Network Clone Script to Start Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract MLM

XOXO Network Clone Script to Start Decentralized Ethereum Smart Contract MLM

XOXO Network clone script is very helpful for those who want to develop a platform like XOXO network , that’s an ultimate decentralized P2P Unilevel Powerline networking system, built on Etheruem Blockchain technology. The model is completely lucrative, simple and secure.

Recently, there has been a huge increase in the number of Smart contract crypto MLM businesses in the crypto ecosystem. The most famous ones were the Million money MLM and Forsage MLM followed by Etrix, Ethereum.cash, doubleway etc has made their space significantly in the crypto industry. XOXO network is also one such.

XOXO Network Clone script

XOXO Network clone script is a boon to those who want to immediately launch and run a platform like XOXO network. Then sooner get the XOXO Network clone script to make sure that you grab the market when it is at its peak. As a technology partner we can help you in building a platform like XOXO network.  If you hold a business idea of such, bring it to us to make it fully possible.

XOXO Network

The XOXO Network is a global powerline networking system that runs on a set of protocols with no admin or any central authority. The members of the system based on Ethereum smart contract has to choose between the smart contract projects that could potentially yield profits. This cryptocurrency MLM platform was launched on 21st May 2020. Based on description of the network the entire system works based on the powerline autopool system.  The crypto earning’s of the member will be very secured since there will be no human interaction within the system.

It’s a crypto supported cash gifting matrix cycler program and Ethereum is used for all the payment methods among the members. XOXO is one of the first ever powerline built on smart contract whose protocol is unalterable and unstoppable to function and it serves everyone equally.

Now you may have a doubt about how Powerline Autopool system works-

The member registration will be carried out one after the other (i.e) the process will be carried out in the chronological order. Now it will be clear to you that the XOXO is not based on the Binary MLM and its structure signifies unilevel MLM, where the First come First Served (FCFS) Protocol is used. When a new user is joined, he/she will be placed under the previously joined users based on the transaction time stamp.

XOXO Smart contract

The theme/principle of the XOXO Network is “for the people by the people”, which makes it as a lucrative money generation system. Those who joins the platform will gain a high ROI from their investment without any risks involved. There! You may have doubt about the “ zero risks invloved’’, let’s get into that clearly. Its been claimed that there is no central system/admin in the ecosystem and every transaction, registeration, profit returns and all other important segments in the system is done in the pre-built Ethereum Smart contract.

There are various reasons to “why most of the Cryptocurrency MLM platforms prefer smart contract”. This is mainly because Smart contracts can help make a copy of transactions, autome the fund transfers, hold the funds, can’t be modified or hacked, it can be a boon to the decentralized application , help avoid scams.

How XOXO network works?

Powerline- The global online structure is followed here, where the new users will be placed under the previous users. This new user who have joined will have to pay an entry fee to the previously joined user. All the transaction will be carried out from wallet to wallet, which is why it’s called as P2P Network.

Timestamp- The user placement will be carried out based on the timestamp of the transaction. This is a blockchain measure and the ethereum blockchain will be recording the details to help track the complete time of each transaction.

Autopool system- As it’s been said already, the XOXO network follows an autopool system and mainly there are 7 autopools.  One can start earning form any of the autopools from 1 to 7 but in order to enter autopool 2 to 7 one should complete the autopool cycle 1.


Entry for Autopool 1:

To begin with, one can start earning ETH in the XOXO network by entering into autopool 1. To start the earning, one should refer a user. If you join by the referral of pervious user then the registration fee will pass on as a commission upto 4 levels of the previously joined users. Registration Fee of Autopool 1 is 0.1 ETH. The cycle in the Autopool 1 will be completed when 3 other members join below the new user, as this will help you to recover the registered fee at the end of the particular cycle. Here is the explanation for how the commission is being distributed.

Level 1 -Gets 50% commission(0.5ETH)
Level 2-Gets 25% commission(0.25 ETH)
Level 3-Gets 15% Commission (0.15 ETH)
Level 4 -Gets 10% Commission (0.10 ETH)

Entry for Autopool 2: In this condition, you won’t need direct referral and you can directly join from autopool 2 to autopool 7. One can earn 0.30 ETH to 1.5 ETH just by referring any three global users in any of the autopool. The Autopool 2 to 7 does not require any referral and specially one direct referral from autopool 1 gets to participate on any autopools 2 to 7. The Rigesteration fee is 0.1 ETH. In order to enter autpool 2 one should complete autopool 1. Here is the passage of commission among various levels.

Level 1 -Gets 50% commission
Level 2-Gets 25% commission
Level 3-Gets 15% Commission
Level 4 -Gets 10% Commission

Once the autopool 2 is finished by referring to 3 more people and earn 0.3 ETH, the user will be moved to autopool 3  where the joining fee will be 0.15 ETH which is half of the previous earning.

Autopool profit protocol- The smart contract used to generate the pool entry fee and other profit protocols. In the Autopool 2 to 7, maximum of 50% of the commission will be paid to sponser or referrer. The earnings of a member will be reinvested into the system once he/she cycles out from a particular autopool, so that they can earn a passive income by constanly moving in the autopool. Also remember, everything in this network is carried out in smart contract.

Features of XOXO Network

  • Requires only 0.1 ETH to start

  • Unstoppable protocol

  • Fully decentralized

  • No controlling body

  • Unalterable

  • Fully transparent

  • High ROI with zero risks

  • Unlimited referral commissions

  • Unlimited Ethereum earning

  • Use of metamask/Trustwallet

How to start a Unilevel Powerline Smart contract MLM like XOXO?

What’s more attractive about the XOXO platform is their unilevel autopool smart contract system. So, when developing a platform of such you can keep this as a basic model and customize many other attractive features in order to shine in the market. The platform has also established a unique protocol and they also claim that the users have unlimited the ETH. This is a plus point since, many other crypto MLM platform like million money and Forsage have mentioned that the users will be able to earn only a specific amount of ETH.

Why Pulsehyip for XOXO Network clone script?

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Disclaimer : We do not own the site xoxo.run or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only Smart contract based MLM software which enables you to develop your own MLM platform like "xoxo.run". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "xoxo.run".

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