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What is IPFS Blockchain? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

What is IPFS Blockchain? A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Today most of the people concentrate on blockchain technology to improve their business security. The interest of people in the blockchain has hit high levels lately. Here we are going to know about what is IPFS blockchain?

IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System. IPFS is the most promising solution today that created by the folks at Protocol Labs. It’s an open-source, peer-to-peer distributed hypermedia protocol where each node stores a collection of hashed files.


In the current iteration, the Internet is based on HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) used to transfer files over the internet. IPFS is a replacement for HTTP. In HTTP we have to request or download the file form single server. But in IPFS, you ask peers in the network to give you a path to a file rather than it coming from a central server. This enables strong and fast networks, historic versioning, and high volume data distribution with high efficiency and persistent availability of content secured and verified by cryptographic hashing and distributed across a network of peers.

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The issues that associated with the current HTTP protocol of the internet is addressed and resolved by IPFS.

With the issues of HTTP is included below,

1. Inefficient content delivery

2. Expensive bandwidth costs

3. File duplication leading to bloated storage.

3. Increasing centralization of servers and providers leading to increased Internet censorship.

4. Fragile history of information stored on the Internet and short lifespan of WebPages.

5. Intermittent connections (slow connection speeds.)

The Benefits of IPFS is Included Below,

1. Content has a unique identifier.

2. No Duplication. Files with the same content are stored only once.

3. IPFS will know the data tamper if hash changes.

How IPFS Works?

IPFS works by connecting all system on the network to the same file structure. Imagine your office working place a room full of employees. All of these employees are collaborating with google spreadsheet to maintain their works. With traditional HTTP based internet is used today, every time the spreadsheet is edited and the edited information is sent back to the origin server. Then is sent from the origin server to every other employees who are editing the spreadsheet. That seems like a lot of unnecessary latency for people who are all in the same room, on the LAN.

But, With IPFS, the information it wouldn't send to the origin server every time. It could just be shared with all individuals in the working room on the same LAN. It does not only decrease latency, but the employees can continuously edit their google spreadsheet even if something went wrong with google's server.

IPFS With Blockchain

So where does the blockchain fit into this? IPFS and blockchains can work well together because of the similarity in their structure. The blockchain is horrible at storing files or large amounts of data in a block. This is why IPFS is so powerful with the blockchain.

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