Best Unilevel MLM Software For Your Business Startup

Best Unilevel MLM Software For Your Business Startup


What is Unilevel MLM Plan?

Unilevel MLM plan is a plan supporting infinite distributors under one sponsor, as there is no restriction on the width of the distributors under a sponsor.

This enables the sponsor to have a very single distributor on their front line and also helps to build a strong and long network downline. Unilevel MLM Plan is a systematized plan that will be efficient for any businesses irrespective of their sizes.

The way Unilevel MLM Plan works

In Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan will payout to the first person, a fraction from every sale his downline members have done. This concept is based on giving out a dividend from the business volume of every distributor downline individually, up to a certain level.

To understand it in a better way, let's imagine a 4 level Unilevel plan paid out at a business volume of 1000. The percentage of dividends will be descending downline. The dividend of the sponsored members at the first level will be 25% of the business volume. The second level will be, 10% of the to sales volume and third and fourth level will have 5% and 2.5% of their business volume respectively. The dividend provided, Volume of the Business, Compensation period totally depends on the MLM Organizations as each MLM companies will be using varying compensation policies.   

Nowadays most of the MLM Companies use their basic MLM Unilevel Plan and customize it based on their business profile. The most commonly used customizations include- regulation of payment structure by reducing the member volume/ Business volume, the added criterion to pay out the commissions. Technically Unilevel MLM plan will be best suited for any type of Business.

Structure of Unilevel MLM Plan

Here, the structure of MLM Unilevel Plan is depicted clearly where a single distributor gets to sponsor as many sub-distributors he/she wants to. This process continues without any limit and it results to be advantageous to the members of the network as the more number of sub-distributors downline more will be the commission.

Unilevel MLM Compensation Plan

Sponsor Bonus

Like other MLM Plans, it is earned when a sponsor recruits new members. The sponsor bonus is provided to encourage the sponsors or distributors to promote and recruit new members downline.

Fast Start Bonus

Provision of Bonus when a distributor or a sponsor has achieved a specific target with a particular period. It is considered as the starter benefit to the newly joined members. This is done to ensure a higher sales commission on the initial sales of the new recruits.

Level Commissions

It is the amount payable to the distributor with respect to the sales achieved by the downline members.

Rank advancement bonus

The existing members of the network will get a bonus when they turn eligible to a higher level or rank. It is a one time bonus and some Unilevel MLM companies will set up ranking criteria which when not met by the distributor, degrades their rank. 

Leadership Bonus Pool

Top MLM companies have this type of compensation plan. To set up high leadership morale, MLM companies may provide leadership pool bonuses to the top-level leaders based on their performance.

Coded Bonus

Coded Bonus can be said as a motivational bonus. Its an add on bonus where the distributors will be provided with bonuses based on the coded relation between the distributors. There are rules defining the coded relationship which will be varying from one MLM company to the other.

Unilevel MLM Software

The Unilevel MLM Software makes it easy for the admin to maintain the network easily and carry out the actions of the Unilevel MLM plan effectively without any compromise.

We, Pulsehyip the foremost MLM Software development company provide you with the Best Unilevel MLM Plan for your MLM Business. Below are details of the features provided by us.

Why Pulsehyip?

Pulsehyip, a highly rated MLM software development company provides the top Unilevel MLM Script/ Unilevel MLM PHP script with efficient attributes to make all your business practices easier. 

  • Multiple Currency Support in the software

  • Multilingual Support in the software

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Multiple Network View for ease of the users

  • Multiple withdrawal and Payout Options

  • Configurable Compensations and Customizable Business Plan

  • Ability to equip Unlimited Members with Multiple Payment Options

  • Internal Messaging and Live Chat Module

  • CMS and Integrated REST API

  • Bitcoin Integration

  • E-Wallet integration


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