Bank of Tron Clone Script to Launch TRON Smart Contract HYIP like Bank of Tron

Bank of Tron Clone Script to Launch TRON Smart Contract HYIP like Bank of Tron

Bank of Tron Clone Script

Bank of Tron clone script is a readymade Investment platform clone of the famous tron based Investment DApp called the Bank of Tron. Building Bank of Tron Clone Platform with Bank of Tron clone script is lucrative at present. As the crypto economy has grown and evolved more within the past few years. The Decentralized economy is also taking up the form of among the crypto users. As the Decentralized administration ensures security and trust among those within a wide network, it makes things more trustworthy among the users.

It's more predictable than the cryptocurrency is going to grow than ever around the nook and corner of the world. Businesses are now currently adapting to the blockchain and smart contract-based functionalities, thus ensuring the transaction and the information is safe within the Blockchain.

On the Long run, many cryptocurrency users seek investment platform to increase their revenue multifold. This scenario has been on the rise due to the rise in crypto users. So, starting an Investment platform not a bad idea at all. Even so, it will help you gain a lump sum amount of Revenue from your own HYIP platform. That too, HYIP platform run on a blockchain integrated Smart contract will increase the security as well as the trust between the admin and the user.

Now, let’s get into the details of Tron Smart Contract HYIP platform- Bank of Tron.

Tron Smart Contract HYIP Development

The HYIP platform build in TRON blockchain network integrated with Smart Contracts is referred to as Tron Smart Contract based HYIP platform. Since the new about rise in Ethereum gas fee, many try to go for the alternative blockchain network. One of which include TRON blockchain Network, that allows transactions at a minimal charge for gas. In the TRON network, TRX token is used instead of ETH.

Advantages of HYIP in TRON Network

The listed advantages is based on the existing HYIP platform such a Bank of Tron, one of the foremost Tron Smart Contract based HYIP platform.

  • Reduces fraudulent activities

  • Less investment required to start with the platform.

  • High ROI generator for the owner of the platform

  • No manual work required as its run in smart contract.

  • Brings trustworthy relationship among the owner and the investor.

  • Since TRX is in the Top ten cryptocurrencies, thus increasing the investment value of it.

  • Smart contract execution helps to carry out things automatically.

These are the regular advantages of a platform like Bank of Tron. in the Tron Network.

How to Start an Investment Platform like Bank of Tron?

In order to begin with a platform like Bank of Tron, the business owner has to keep the features and functionalities of the TRON HYIP platform in mind and add up more in-build features that you as a user and admin will expect in a platform of such. This will help you reach your investment business a sky-high, as you will be providing solutions based on the different perceptions.

We, Pulsehyip the top-notch Blockchain-based HYIP solutions provider help you build Tron Smart contract-based HYIP Platform such as Bank of Tron. We help you deploy a platform like Bank of Tron with 100% customizable features and plugins.

Why launch a Tron Smart contract HYIP Platform like Bank of Tron?

As its been explained above, they're sure are perks in developing Tron Smart contract-based HYIP Platform like Bank of Tron with Bank of Tron clone script. Below while reading the blog you will get to know the functionalities of Bank of TRON.

Bank of TRON

Bank of TRON founded in the year 2019, is the first and foremost TRON smart contract-based HYIP platform or it can be said as a Decentralized DApp build on Tron network. The Bank of Tron is one of the High Yield Investment Program run on Tron Blockchain. Since it runs on Blockchain, no one will be able to edit or delete the smart contract or influence the platform in any way. The smart contracts will be used to automate the payment processes of the platform. Nearly, 3.7-6.7% of dividends are generated by the bank of Tron Smart contract for per day based on the investment of the users.The platform offers a range of opportunities for the investors to invest in the plans provided based on the invested amounts and expected returns.

The minimum investment amount of the Bank of TRON platform is 10 TRX, as its run on TRON blockchain. Presently, the two banks that are involved in the Bank of Tron include the TRX banks and BTT bank.    


The user can use the Tronwallet app, Math wallet or Banko wallet for the app store.

After this, the user can create a TRX wallet or import their existing wallet and transfer their TRX funds from an exchange to the wallet. Now the user can use the wallet for investment or withdrawal.


In order to login  to the Bank of Tron platform, the user will need the Username and Password.

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Bank of Tron Investment Plans

There are four major investment plans provided in the Bank of Tron, that include-

Diamond Plan- The user gets the dividend calculated for each second with 3.7% daily ROI. The dividend is received by the user forever and the returns can be infinity.

Platinum Plan- The user gets dividends each second with the ROI of 4.7%. The dividends is covered for the period of 45 days with a 211.5% return.

Gold Plan- The user will get the dividends for each second, with the ROI of 5.7% and the dividends id covered for the period of 25 days with a 142.5% return.

Bronze Plan- The user gets a dividend for each second with a ROI of 6.7%  and the dividends is covered for the period of 18 days with a 120.6% return.

Features of Our Bank of Tron Clone Script

The Blockchain-based HYIP platform like Bank of Tron hold the best feature than any other Crypto Investment Platform! The features include-

Safety- As the Bank of Tron has integrated with Smart contract run on TRON Network, it ensures the safety and reliability on the platform. As, its Decentralized, no single entity can influence the operations carried out in the platform. Once an investment is been done for a particular period on time and its been recorded in Smart contract, then every single operation carried with respect to the investment will be carried out in an automatic manner. No one will be able to stop the processes in the middle, not even the admin.

Automatic Distribution of Dividend- Since no one can interfere with the investment and its further processes, the automatic distribution of dividend happens so smoothly. Remember, because of the smart contract, the admin can never loot the money in the middle and go on with it.

The Bank of Tron platform provided dividends of 3.7 to 6.7% per day based on the initial investment. The dividends are generated for each second and one can withdraw or reinvest the dividends based on their interest.

Referral Program- The referral program is based on the three different tiers in the Bank of Tron Smart Contract which are 5%, 2%, 0.5%. These rewards will get added up in the TRON wallet and can be used up anywhere at any time. The invitee also gets 0.5% of his/her own investments as the reward.

The referral rewards will be transacted to the users balance automatically and the user can withdraw it at anytime

Why Pulsehyip for Bank of Tron Clone Script?

We, Pulsehyip the leading Blockchain Integrated Cryptocurrency HYIP Platform Development offers Tron Smart contract HYIP development solutions like Bank of Tron. Our Adroit developers can help you in building a high ROI yielding  Crypto investment platform. With the help of our Bank of Tron clone script you can start your Crypto Investment platform instantaneously. Here are the reasons for why you should choose Pulsehyip-

  • 6+ years experience in crypto HYIP development.

  • Best blockchain product developers.

  • Services extended to various blockchain networks.

  • 24*7 support from our experts.

  • Services covered to all geographical areas.

  • The Products are thouroughly tested by the testing team before its launch.

Above you would have read the features and Structure of Bank of Tron and the way it functions. Pulsehyip now provides Bank of Tron Clone Script that holds all the features of the famous Bank of Tron Investment platform. With the help of Bank of Tron Clone script you can easily develop your own Tron Investment platform like Bank of Tron. Since it is a ready made White labeled script, you can readily launch your platform within five business days. The admin can also customize the platform features based on their requirements.We Provide solutions for Blockchain HYIP platform development like 20x9 Tron HYIP platform, Tron Fu, Tronex, Etherchain, TRXChain, Tron Binary etc.


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Disclaimer : We do not own the site bank-of-tron.com or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only Decentralized TRON Smart contract based HYIP solutions which enables you to develop your own TRON HYIP platform like "bank-of-tron.com ". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term " bank-of-tron.com ".

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