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A Guide to Building Your STO Marketing Plan

A Guide to Building Your STO Marketing Plan

Pulsehyip is one of the top-rated STO marketing agency provides end-to-end STO marketing services. we create a new marketing strategy to promote your security token to your investors.

Finally! blockchain and security token offering has become an essential part of the technology sector. In this guide, Pulsehyip going to show you the exact steps, and growth hacks which we used to help our clients to reach that exposure and create a successful STO platform. 

Security tokens may be the next big thing in the blockchain revolution. Now, as the demand of the competitive world, we have to focus on the predominant ICO and STO Marketing strategy. We can say, Marketing is the further stage of this industry.
Before going in depth, we will see about the STO marketing.

What is STO Marketing?

Security Token Offering(STO) is considered as a next trendsetter in the cryptocurrency industry. Security tokens are relatively new and an STO marketing service is offered by an agency that plans, scrutinizes and reaches out to the target audience effectively in a timely manner.

How to market your security tokens (STO) ?

There are various mechanisms involved in the security token and the market strategy should cover all the aspects. Here are the steps that involve STO marketing.

STEP 1: Market study

The market study involves a thorough understanding of your business idea, identifying the business categories that apply, market scope, competitor analysis, and dividend projections. This is an important and fundamental step in security token marketing, without market study, targetting the right bunch of investors becomes difficult.

STEP 2: Whitepaper Drafting & Executive Pitch deck

A detailed whitepaper is furnishing all the business details and market metrics related to the Security Token and detailing your business idea behind it. Further, an Executive pitch deck that carries the snapshot of key metrics is prepared for presentation.

STEP 3: Marketing Collaterals

The whitepaper and Pitch Deck aren't sufficient for STO owner to raise funds from investors. Invest in good video explainer of your business idea/ product. The images can explain more about your product, vision for growth and expansion, etc.

STEP 4: Investor Targeting & Reach out

Reach out to interested Investors through different mediums that are organic or paid. Your investors may have the queries about the token. You have to answer their queries before starts the Token offering event.

6 ways to market your STO :

Here are the various ways you can market your STO

1. Proxy marketing

The security tokens cannot be marketed directly. So proxy marketing has to be adopted. The STO owner should be featured in online or offline media on behalf of their organization and idea. 

The mediums used by these experts are :

--> Press Releases

--> Blogs & other content marketing

--> Social Media Profiles

--> Community Engagement

--> Youtube blogs and Reviews

2. Deal marketing

To sell tokens, you need to be truly prepared from brainstorming new ideas to answering riddle questions. The below steps are crucial to deal-marketing:

1️ Keep ready your pitch book or Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) 

2️ Prepare a small piece of digestible information that covering all the essentials in brief

3️ You must collect and build a Database of potential buyers and investors

4️ You must develop a keen leadership ability to Proper outreach

3. Knowing the target customer

It is essential to target the right customer. Your target point should be the right audience. For the successful security tokens sale, it is imperative to target the right income customers.

4. Proper partner exchanges

Token selling is simplified in Blockchain. But without good exchanges, STO isn’t worth much to trade on. Safety oriented users are get easily scared off with on some exchanges and news on massive thefts. STO owner should screen their exchange partner carefully before committing.

5. Tailored marketing

Since Security tokens are SEC-Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) sanctioned products backed by real-world assets, they are definitely more appealing.  Security tokens appeal to a large number of accredited investors since it offers them lower administrative costs and higher liquidity.

6. Build credibility via networking

Insecurity token marketing, Networking, and trust building is a key action item. Getting trust from potential token buyers is a tedious task. For the best outreach, you have to attend the seminar, crypto events, and be a part of the crypto stage. You should advocate your products in person. 

Choose Pulsehyip to market your STO

Pulsehyip is the best cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development Company provides Security token offering services. If you are looking for the STO marketing services, then you can contact Pulsehyip as we have the vast amount of experience in the STO Marketing for 9 years along with this, we have a blend of professional team, which offer their best service to our clients, our experience will help you to sustain in the market and Pulsehyip motive is to satisfy our client’s.

Our Security Token Offering marketing Services :

1. Detailed STO Whitepaper

2. Token Brand building

3. Reputation Management

4. Story Dimensions

5. Community Building

6. Paid Ads

7. Bounty Campaign

8. STO PROMO Video

9. Influencer Marketing

10. Content Curation

11. E-Mail Marketing

12. Social Media Management

13. offline events

14. press release

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