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What is smart contract ? A complete startup guide for beginners

What is smart contract ? A complete startup guide for beginners

Nowadays we all are presented in this Digital world, in our day to day life we get more interacted with the digital process. Earning via online gets more frequent and also it contains more fraudulent too. Especially it gets too risk on investing and currency exchanging business. 

To overcome this fear, the same technology finds the new security solution in the name of Blockchain; also more than secure we need assurance for that, it brings the concept of the smart contract.

What is Smart Contract?

The smart contract is consist of computer code or digital agreement that simplifies the execution of certain agreements. It relates to the decentralized blockchain technology which can both terminates the needs of middleman process, by gets direct dealing with the seller or buyer. 

In Smart Contract, we can get assurance by getting seller asset with digital process and then we can invest money or crypto coin with our investor.

When Does it Starts?

Since the first smart contract platform was released in 2015, solidity smart contracts have become the primary focus of innovators in the blockchain. Why do we call it a Smart Contract? This process has a set of promises, fully rise by digital form; including the protocol within which the parties perform on these promises go along with the digital revolution. 

How do Smart contracts Works? 

Smart Contracts developments are in the base of blockchain technology, though it has no middleman process it will be the most trusted eligible process for asset sharing. The fear for hackers is less because we dealing with the right person to person.

how smart contract works


Smart contracts are known as blockchain contracts, self-executing contracts, or digital contracts, as we can call them. Nowadays offer a format which can be converted to code and stored on the decentralized system supervised by the network of computers that run the Blockchain technology with hi-tech secure. 

Usability of Smart Contract:

Smart Contract can be useful for exchanging money, property or other assets. It is useful for many sectors, They’re usable in the finance, investors, real estate, healthcare, media, entertainment sectors, and even in government. Though it can be easily implemented and accessible for the users.

Benefits of Smart Contract is, 

1. Highly Secured

2. Autonomous

3. Interruption Free

4. Middleman Trustless

5. Fast Performance 

6. Accurate Always

7. Cost Effective

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