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Security Token Offering (STO) Development Services Company

Security Token Offering (STO) Development Services Company

"Raise capital for Your Business from International Accredited Investors through security token offering Platform"

A security token offering (STO) is a highly secured and legal way to raise capital of your business using cryptocurrency and combines the benefits of ICO with the strength of regulated financial securities. Security Token tokenizes the ownership of traditional movable assets, along with bond, actual and debt property, and its subject to relating securities policies. 

Pulsehyip has attained a niche position in creating and developing personalized blockchain & cryptocurrency business solutions for more than 100 clients. Pulsehyip is pleased to announce the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) Development services. Our technical team has expertise in developing security tokens solutions and implementing effective strategies for your STO Launch. We offer an end-to-end STO platform to issue, manage and trade security tokens on a decentralized marketplace.

Types of STO Development

1. Equity Token- An STO where each token is backed by the stock in your company so that investors can register themselves as part owners of the company and receive a percentage of voting rights.

2. Reserve Asset Tokens- Companies which trade in real-world assets, can launch an STO through us where the tokens are backed by real-words commodities like gold and real-estate etc.

3. Debt Token- Debt tokens are issued by the company to debt investors when they are not backed up with real-world commodities or equity but promise to pay back.

Benefits of Security Token Offering

1. Fractionalization of larger assets- An STO will represent the company’s stock and so the concerned company can break their substantial assets and provide their assets as STO to the token holder.

2. Increase in Liquidity- Security tokens can be traded freely and therefore they are subject to secondary trading restrictions. They offer the well-regulated way to divide a single high-value asset thereby setting a benchmark for liquidity.

3. SEC laws compliant- Security Token Offerings (STO) are fully compliant with the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulation and it means that they pass the Howey and other alternative tests that all the traditional securities need to pass.

4. Lower fees & Faster Execution- STO provides lower fees and faster execution and eliminate the need of the intermediaries, which therefore shift the responsibilities onto the buyer or the seller. This will likewise translate into a substantial decrease in time and fees.

5. Capital investment pool on the Global basis- Tokenized securities bring refinements so the investors and issuers both will benefit from this. With Security Tokens, the legal documentation also becomes more standardized and you can access an international capital investment pool.

6. 24 X 7 Markets- With Security Token Offering you can expect larger trading hours as “always open”. The current systems do not facilitate around-the-clock trading and often involves human intervention.

7. Own Blockchain- A Security Token is developed on your own blockchain, thereby giving full control to you. It can solve the problems like gas prices and changes in protocol or regulations by maintaining the decentralized trustless network along with zero monetary concerns

8. Automated Investor Rights- In an STO ecosystem, the Investors get profit sharing rights and programmable equity in the form of tokens which in turn gives them complete control over illiquid assets.

Pulsehyip End-to-End security token offering services

Pulsehyip is the market leader in Blockchain Technology. Our adept team has a vast amount of experience in developing cryptocurrency, Blockchain & security tokens development that has helped numerous organizations achieve their goals. Based upon the Blockchain technology, Pulsehyip has built cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token Offering platform.

Our STO Services : 

Token creation:

1. Custom Ethereum Token

2. Token Wallet as per Regulatory Protocol

3. Own Blockchain

Token Issuance

1. Automated KYC/AML Integration

2. Automated Accredited Investor Verification

3. KYC/AML Records Registry

4. Accredited Investors Registry

5. Funds Raised & Investment Details

Token Lifecycle Management

1. Stakeholder Registry

2. Integrated Voting Rights Platform

3. Investor Management Dashboard

4. Regulation Management

5. Portfolio Management for Investors

6. Token Management

7. Integrated Dividend Issuance Platform

8. Integrated Help Desk on Dashboard

9. Audit Reports & Checklists

10. Event Announcements

Pulsehyip ensures that these rules and regulations are embedded in the STO ecosystem to facilitate compliant management and secure investor management of security tokens. Moreover, our STO platform development services allow token issuers to focus on their business concept, marketing, and all the other aspects of security tokens offering without needing to be concerned with any of the many technical challenges.

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