RamenSwap Clone Script to Launch a Decentralized Exchange Protocol like RamenSwap on Binance Smart Chain

RamenSwap Clone Script to Launch a Decentralized Exchange Protocol like RamenSwap on Binance Smart Chain

RamenSwap Clone Script

RamenSwap clone script is a ready to launch, tested and bug free decentralized exchange script that act as another leeway created especially for you entrepreneurs to launch and run a decentralized exchange platform like RamenSwap on Binance Smart Chain. The RamenSwap clone script from Pulsehyip is with both “swap and liquidity pool” smart contracts that exist in the current Ramenswap DEX. The DEX exchange build using RamenSwap clone script can execute trade based on “Automated Market Making”. The traders can easily swap their cryptos with MetaMask wallet.

Here you will find futher introduction for RamenSwap Finance and How our RamenSwap clone script can help you in developing a DEX platform like RamenSwap.

RamenSwap Clone Script- Specific Features

  • Updated version of RamenSwap

  • Decentralized Exchange Script

  • 100+ cryptos supported

  • Liquidity API integrated

  • BPE-20 Token supported

  • Smart Contract enabled for coinswap.

RamenSwap Clone Development

Before getting into the details of our RamenSwap Clone Script, lets understand the functionality of the RamenSwap exchange as the platform to be developed using RamenSwap clone script will hold similar characteristic features as of RamenSwap.

Its known that Yield farming refers to the process of staking your crypto assets in a DeFi platform while you will be getting rewards for doing so. This is one of the trending concept in the decentralized finance sectors. The idea of earning a sum from an idle crypto asset has caught the interest of crypto users around the world and now more users are investing their assets for yield farming purposes. This concept made RamenSwap more attractive.

The famous RamenSwap Finance is a community driven Yield Farming, DeFi and DEX aggregator that runs on Binance Blockchain. As a user you can earn RAMEN by staking it on the pool and farming it to earn more delicious RAMEN by providing liquidity. The returns can also be maximized by compounding your token in the vault and by connecting various DEX to sort out the most systematic swapping routes among all the platforms supported in BSC space.

The RamenSwap exchange provides innovative yield farming by developing its ecosystem with featured Decentralized Exchange DEX that supports Automated Market Making (AMM) technology. The RamenSwap DeFi protocol aims to innovate more compared to the traditional models of Decentralized applications seen on Ethereum Network including YFI and Sushiswap.


The Exchange RamenSwap  made a great success even in its early development on BSC Binance Smart Chain. The above picture depicts the current RAMEN Stat of RamenSwap exchange. The crypto RAMEN has been listed in various cryptocurrency exchanges and unlike any other cryptocurrencies it cannot by directly brought with fiat currency. However RAMEN can be bought using Bitcoin from an exchange that allows to trade RAMEN for BTC. Currently RAMEN is ranked in 2426 on the Coinmarketcap and has shown a surge of about 35.72%. At the time of writing the value of  a RAMEN is $4.109.

Notable Advantages of RamenSwap Clone

The Advantages of developing RamenSwap Clone involves all the advantageous features of the RamenSwap DEX. Here are some listed advantages.

Liquidity Incentives for Earning Tokens

RamenSwap created its own native BEP-20 token, RAMEN, that can be staked for yield farming or can be spread across Syrup Pools. It provide liquidity in three pairs that include RAMEN - BNB, RAMEN - BUSD and BUSD - BNB to get additional rewards as RAMEN. The platform aims to increase the pairs in the future.

KYC Policy is Absent

Anybody can trade on the platform within the listed cryptocurrencies with over $100,000,000 in liquidity. Currently the liquidity is aggregated from the Pancake Swap liquidity.

Quick Transactions and Low Fees

As RamenSwap runs on BSC with the help of BEP-20 tokens, it enables the platform to supports transactions with lower fees than Ethereum, with a range of $0.04- $0.20 and a transaction taking about just 5 sec on Binance Smart Chain.


The Token RAMEN follows a similar tokenomics structure to other AMM’s. It maintains an unlimited supply and a reward of 1 RAMEN per block as a block reward. This concept is initiated as it allows to continually grant users yield incentives and maintain liquidity on the platform.

RAMEN follows a very similar tokenomics structure to all AMM's. The token maintains an unlimited supply and a block reward of 1 RAMEN per block. This model is utilized as it allows these protocols to continually grant users yield incentives and keep liquidity on the platform.

Our developers are skilled in developing and deploying the Uniswap Clone Script with all the above-featured components.

Our RamenSwap Exchange Clone Development Process

  • API Integration

  • SmartContract Development

  • Integrating Liquidity Pools

  • Wallet integration

  • Payment Gateway Methods

  • Token listing

  • Bug bounty Program

  • Affiliate program facilitation

  • Other staking option integration.

Why Choose Pulsehyip for RamenSwap Clone Script?

Our RamenSwap Clone script is a Decentralized exchange clone script that holds all the features and functionalities of the famous DEX Ramenswap. A featured RamenSwap clone script be the requirement for any crypto entrepreneur to build DeFi based DEX clone exchange like RamenSwap. We Pulsehyip- the foremost Decentralized Exchange Development Company provide RamenSwap Clone Development Services to launch and run an exchange like RamenSwap easily without any hindrances.

Our experts are skilled to develop and deploy the RamenSwap clone platform with all the required premium and unique features, in a short span of time. Why wait? Connect with our experts.

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Disclaimer : We do not own the site "ramenswap.finance" or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We help you develop your own DeFi DEX platform with Defi protocol like "ramenswap.finance". For better understanding and easy identification we use the term "Ramenswap".

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