QuickSwap Clone Script to Launch a Decentralized Exchange like QuickSwap on Matic Blockchain Network

QuickSwap Clone Script to Launch a Decentralized Exchange like QuickSwap on Matic Blockchain Network

QuickSwap Clone Script

QuickSwap clone script is a data that helps to develop a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX) run on Matic blockchain. The clone script will hold all the specialized features of existing QuickSwap platform. So, if you are an entrepreneur who is search of a solution to build your own DeFi DEX platform, then Pulsehyip, the leading DeFi based business solution provider can be your best choice.

So Before getting into the details of our QuickSwap clone script you need to understand the basic structure of QuickSwap platform and the way it works. So, here are some basic and important information about the QuickSwap platform.

Working Structure of QuickSwap Platform

Our QuickSwap Clone Script will contain all the specifics of QuickSwap platform and this will help you launch and run you exchange like QuickSwap effectively. Below are the basic work functions of QuickSwap platform that will help you analyze how our QuickSwap clone script will be.

QuickSwap platform is based on Ethereum and is powered by Matic Network’s Layer 2 scalability infrastructure. It is a polygon based DEX and it has attracted more than $105 million worth of liquidity since the start of 2021. With the help of Layer 2 for transactions, the users of QuickSwapare enabled to trade any ERC20 asset at a faster rate with near-zero gas fee.

The QuickSwap platform helps its users by integrating a community-focused governance structure and a fair and regulated token distribution model. The platform supports its users by removing the costly barriers for their entry to DEXs. Also the QuickSwap Ecosystem is incentivized by the Liquidity mining and yield farming opportunities that increases the liquidity ultimately.

The QuickSwap platform is created and supported by the industry’s prominent thought leaders who are well known figures in the fields of Ethereum token, contract standards and Layer 2 scalability. The Quickswap protocol also establishes the idea for the next stage of decentralized trading and is programmed to enable new set users to enter DeFi sooner.

Polygon based DEX QuickSwap has aggregated more than $105 million in worth of liquidity from the start of 2021. The DEX protocol is governed by the QUICK token holders who will have the right to create proposals for, vote on various factors related to the way the platform runs.

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Why Matic Blockchain?

The Matic network is the best solution for the scalability issues that are faced on the Ethereum Blokchain. The main aim of the platform is to improve the scalability using Proof of Stake sidechains and it is believed that once the scalibility issues are resolved, the transaction fees will get lower with faster confirmations and many other added benefits.

Added to the resolving scalability issues, the Matic Network aims to improve usability without losing the benefits of decentralization. They are also trying to incorporate improved DApp functionality and improved user experience with the help of existing developer community. Also, in the near future there will be a mass adoption of DApps by the users and in order to tackle it, the Matic Network is enabling its user interface with features that are more approachable and attractive. Comparatively, the users of Matic Blockchain gets their transactions confirmed within ~1 second, at a cost of $0.000002 USD  which is 480,000x times lesser than the cost in Ethereum mainchain.

This reasons to why choosing Matic Blockchain for your QuickSwap clone platform development is reasonable.

Why is there a need for another DEX?

Even with our use of our QuickSwap clone script you will be adding up to the DEX platforms that are existing now. But there is always a need for a better platform. The demand for the decentralized trading has been increasing exponentially which has lead to the reach of DeFi to the critical juncture. The stress on the main-chain of Ethereum that are as a result of DeFi protocol usage has caused transaction fees to reach a sky high.

The popular DEX platform Uniswap and Sushiswap depend mainly on the Ethereum mainchain. Therefore, they are not only creating network congestion because of their own success but has also become a victim of it.

The problem with the gas fees while using the Uniswap and other DeFi protocols has become bad. In order for DeFi system to thrive, the users will require low-cost, high-performance infrastructure. The Layer 2 is the best solution. The QuickSwap platform has already took the leading front for the Layer 2 DEX, by giving solutions to the existing problems.

This is one of the main reason to develop your DeFi DEX clone like QuickSwap. Use of QuickSwap clone Script not only allows your development process easier but also will help you launch your platform within a short span of time.

Why Choose QuickSwap clone Script?

QuickSwap clone Script is the best choice when you are looking for a launching a platform like QuickSwap readily. QuickSwap clone Script will contain all the data that’s required to launch your platform, not only that, the white labeled solution enables you to customize the platform based on your requirements. The platform will contain all the features that are already present in QuickSwap exchange, but to standout in the crypto market you can choose to add more unique features that will enable you to launch your platform uniquely.

Our QuickSwap Clone Script Features

Our QuickSwap Clone Script contains all the critical features that are missing factors in many other DEX platforms such as high speed, token transfers and negligible transaction fees.

Permissionless Listings

Users of the platform can list any ERC20 token on QuickSwap by providing liquidity for the trading pair. There isn’t any rule to ask permission from any other person or entity before listing an asset.

Layer 2 Transactions

The QuickSwap is powered by the Matic Network which is a Plasma based Layer 2 Ethereum scalability solution. This enables the swapping of assets to happen within This means asset swaps can be completed within 2 seconds and with a tiny fraction of gas cost comparing to the Ethereum Main Chain.

Non-Custodial Trading

Users can trader using their personal wallet unlike other centralized exchanges. Also there won’t be any need to deposit tokens onto the exchange platform before the trading.


Just like QuickSwap you can develop the platform that will be incentivized by the trading pools and distribution of tokens.  Thus this encourages the growth of a strong liquidity providing community.

Yield Farming

The feature of trading fee will be executed for every transaction on the platform. The users who provide liquidity to the platform will receive a part of trading fees in proportion to their liquidity pool stake.

Community Governance

The platform will be governed by the community. The tokens will have the ownership of governance process. The holders will be able to submit proposals for changes to the protocol and vote on factors like the eligible pools for mining and many more.

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Disclaimer : We do not own the site "quickswap.exchange" or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We help you develop your own DeFi DEX platform with Defi protocol like "quickswap.exchange". For better understanding and easy identification we use the term "QuickSwap".

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