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Declaration of Pulsehyip and Credits Partnership

Declaration of Pulsehyip and Credits Partnership

Pulsehyip is happy to announce that, getting the partnership with Credits.com which is best on blockchain and smart contract services.

Credits.com is the best service provider to introduces the blockchain platform in the market to serve Dapp based services and smart contracts too. Credits are the fastest and most scalable platform for blockchain and Dapps. They used to help and advice on application, Proof of concept and MVP development. Their aim is to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology services.

Their services distribution will be based on unique block and transaction validation and verification solution based on highly secure cryptography algorithms. Even more, the specified concept of public data registry helps the system to process a large number of transactions.

Credits hi-professional developers offer a wide range of solution and issued tokens with credits blockchain that can be used in application development. Credits blockchain business process used in various industries

Credits highlighted solutions are, 

  • Smart Contract

  • Storing on Blockchain 

  • Financial Assets Issuing 

  • Internet of Things, IOT

  • Public register and ledger

  • Process Scheduler

Thus, Pulsehyip has committed to be a partnership with Credits and agreed to support the business which leads from blockchain technology and guide to implement affordable Dapps solution without any flaws. 


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