Pulsehyip is Awarded by CIO review India Magazine

Pulsehyip is Awarded by CIO review India Magazine

"CIO Review India Magazine” highlights the pulsehyip is the “20 most Promising Blockchain Solution Providers across India”

Pulsehyip, the leading Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Development company, was honored with awards from CIO review India. CIOReview India is a technology magazine to know about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises. Pulsehyip is extremely proud and honored to announce that it has been recognized as the CIO Review’s 20 most Promising Blockchain Solution Providers across India 2018.

Pulsehyip is the international software and technology services provider engaged in developing Cryptocurrency investment and other cryptocurrency business software & end-to-end blockchain business solutions. Pulsehyip is considered to be one of the authorized product of Osiz technologies Pvt Ltd. ”Our vision is simple to create cryptocurrency business software products that do more with less and this award proves that we've got what it takes to satisfy our customers' needs”.

Osiz technologies Pvt Ltd has the 9+ years of experience in serving complete enterprise IT solutions around the globe. The pulsehyip team working in a friendly network of OSIZ created by our beloved Founder/CEO Mr.Thanga Pandi & the Co-founder/M.D. Mrs.Kiruthiga Thangapandi. Here, within our network, there is always a healthy bridge built between our company and our clients.

Why was Pulsehyip is Awarded by CIO review India magazine?

Puleshyip was awarded by CIO review India because of its individuality. Pulsehyip provides various cryptocurrency business software solutions and blockchain business solution in unique, cost-effective, bug-free and reliable manner. Pulsehyip gives it's hands for their clients to climb on the success ladder. They can move their business to the winning edge and can surely compete with their top most competitors by getting their business solutions from pulsehyip.

Pulsehyip provides following business solutions,

1. Hyperledger Blockchain Application Development Services

2. Cryptocurrency Invesment/HYIP Solutions

3. Cryptocurrency Exchange (Centralized and Decentralized ) Solutions

4. Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Wallet App development Services

5. ICO/STO Development Services

6. ICO White Paper Creation

7. ICO Maketing Services

8. Cryptocurrency MLM Software development

9. Cryptocurrecy Banking Business Solutions

10. Hire Dedicated Blockchain Developers/Team

11. Bitcoin Mining Script Development

12. Cryptocurrency Coin & Token Creation Services

13. Smart Contract Development services and more

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