PantherSwap Clone Script - To Launch DeFi DEX like Pantherswap on Binance Smart Chain

PantherSwap Clone Script - To Launch DeFi DEX like Pantherswap on Binance Smart Chain

PantherSwap Clone Script

PantherSwap Clone Script is a DeFi based decentralized exchange script works with all the features involved in PantherSwap built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

PantherSwap clone running on Binance Smart Chain with the 1st automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM Automated Liquidity Maker DEX  with numerous and enticing features that support you to generate huge  revenue and succeed in it.

What is PantherSwap?

PantherSwap is nothing but the Automated Liquidity Maker decentralized exchange  with an automatic liquidity acquisition yield farming that works on Binance Smart Chain with unique and creative features that engage both the owner and admin to earn and win.

PantherSwap project is launched on April 27, 2021 that has already been the subject of extensive analysis. The PantherSwap has a token named “Panther” which is the first to feature automatic liquidity acquisition Yield Farm and AMM operating through the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The significant goal for PantherSwap is that users can store the Panther tokens in it.

PantherSwap Clone Software

PantherSwap Clone Software is a white-label programming code that is 100% replication of DEFI DEX platform like Pantherswap. It is totally based on the most high value point of Binance Smart Chain.

PantherSwap Clone has some of the prime, progressed, creative and unique security features to make your DeFi exchange platform run on automated yield farming and market producers device that yield more profits and  has benefit for both the traders and platform dealers.

Components of PantherSwap Clone Script

Automated Market Maker (AMM)

  • PantherSwap Clone Script is developed with AMM (Automated Market Maker) in DeFi controlled Decentralized Exchange 

  • PantherSwap Clone is AMM trade v1 which is a refined fork of PancakeSwap clone, the production line and the smart contracts switch that are equivalent to PancakeSwap.

  • It involves the agreements that store liquidity like cash in such a way as protected as PancakeSwap.

Initial Panther Offering (IPO)

Initial Panther Offering implemented in PantherSwap clone script which is an imminent feature in decentralized exchange platform development. 


  • Pantherswap Clone Script runs exactly same as Pantherswap.

  • It has lottery ticket fee per ticket as 20 PANTHER 

  • Lottery entry limit with single user

  • No general cutoff but using UI 50 can be purchased at one time. 


PantherSwap Clone Script comprises with the working of all diverse APIs that are available in Pantherswap.

Significant Features of Our PantherSwap Clone Script

Automatic Liquidity

  • PantherSwap clone script is assembled as every exchange of PANTHER that need to pay a 5% exchange charge.

  • The 4% exchange rate gets added to the liquidity pool via smart contract to raise the value floor consistently.

  • In addition, liquidity will be bolted and distant.

Automated Burning

  • Like Automated liquidity, each move of PANTHER should pay a 5% exchange rate.

  • The 4% exchange fee will be dispensed to programmed liquidity procurement.

  • The entire interaction is completely programmed. 

Anti Whale

  • Pantherswap clone script runs same as Pantherswap, wherein over 0.5% of the absolute stock will be dismissed.

  • With the complete stock development, the proportion will get reduced.

Harvest Lockup

  • Pantherswap Clone Script is worked with harvest lockup in an interesting prizes same as present in Pantherswap.

  • Lockup is used to restrict the recurrence of reap.

  • It is intended to prevent cultivating exchange bots from continuous collecting and unloading. 

Referral Program

  • The Pantherswap clone Script is worked with an on-chain reference program that is carried out to energize the clients to welcome companions to join the program.

  • Inviters can acquire 1% of one’s companion’s income until the end of time. 

Deposit Fee Redistribution

  • PantherSwap clone script has planned with charging of 4% store fee.

  • This charge is made when clients enter marking comparable on PantherSwap, it doesn't work by using store expense to repurchase and consume.

  • It will reallocate the 3% store expense to PANTHER holders to support holding. 

No Migrator Code

Pantherswap Clone Script built with the migrator code placed in the MasterChef contract that has been taken out easily. 

Time Lock

The Pantherswap clone script is developed with a time lock that is used during dispatch timing. 

Trading Incentive

  • Pantherswap clone script is intended to add an exchange with the most vibrant component to our own AMM DEX.

  • Traders can procure tokens by performing a trade on PantherSwap.

  • The compensations on PantherSwap for trading can be various tokens with a unique relation to customary exchanging mining.

  • Different activities can give their own tokens as commissions for persistent exchanging sets.

The Best Destination to Buy Pantherswap Clone Script to Build DeFi Exchange Platform

Pulsehyip, a leading DeFi Development Company, offers top DeFi exchange development services with the modern technological updates, premium features, liquidity pools, smart contracts, Automated Market Maker etc. Our Pantherswap clone script guide the entrepreneurs to start up their own DeFi Exchange platform like Pantherswap.

Benefits of Launching DeFi Exchange like PantherSwap

  1. Contemporary solution

  2. Highly adroit Blockchain experts

  3. 10+ years of industry experience

  4. Liquidity Pools

  5. Wallet Integration

  6. Smart contract Integration

  7. API Integration

  8. Anytime Support System

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