OKEX CLONE SCRIPT- Start your Cryptocyurrency Exchange Platform like OKEX

OKEX CLONE SCRIPT- Start your Cryptocyurrency Exchange Platform like OKEX

Pulsehyip is a top notch clone script provider for exchange platforms with our keen interest in providing you clone script that will help you to start your own exchange platform. Develop a Cryptocurrency exchange platform like OKEx with OKEx clone script. 

Our newly added futuristic attributes will help you develop your platform and reach heights in this competitive market.


OKEx is a leading digital currency exchange platform which provides advanced financial services to traders all over the world by using block chain technology. Its one of the top digital asset exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users in over 100 countries with its optimized trading pair strategy. OKEx uses Bank level SSL encryption security which helps in providing high degree of security. Its a Malta based Crypto-exchange platform with provision of stable environment for digital assets trading via web interface and mobile app.

Features of OKEX

OKEx has over 170 tokens listed so far with over 550 available crypto trading pairs. Introduction of its own block chain mainnet and decentralized exchanges is an addition to services including:

OKPool- Mining pools to mine SHA256, Ethash, Scrypt, X11,and Blake256 Pow Coins like BTC, ETH,LTC, DASH and DCR.

OKB- is the native cryptocurrency token of the OKEx platform which provides a service fee discount, Profit sharing, voting rights and ability to invest in projects incubated by OK Block chain Foundation.

PRIME INVESTORS- The investment firms with at least 500,000 OKB gain early investment access to emerging projects.

OKNodes- Building one’s own push button cryptocurrency exchange hosted on OKEx network and share profits at the end.

OKJumpstart- An initial exchange offering platform developed by OKEx which helps to facilitate the transactions of Inital coin offering between investors and project developer of through the exchange platform.

  • OKEx is a cryptoexchange platform which comes under the parent platform OKCoin. The main difference between these two is based on its services (I.e) essentially OKCoinis a fiat/crypto exchange that supports legacy bank accounts and financial payment tools. OKCoin is more of akin to a bank.

  • But in OKEx supports traders and long term holders looking to buy coins to keep, with the expectation of return down the road and its business is completely based on cryptocurrencies only.

  • The company reports over $1.5 billion worth of BTC futures traded on a daily basis alone.

  • BTC/USDT is the most active trading pair. Other trading pairs are LTC/USDT,ETH/USDT, LTC/BTC etc.

  • OKEx exchange fees is separated into two- spot trading fee (0.02%-0.2%) and future trading fee(0.01%-0.05%). The platform does not charge fee for withdrawal of cryptocurrencies.

  • OKEx provides REST API with user friendly, scalable features and supports.

  • OKEx Exchange platform supports margin trading.

  • Updated BSV and ETC futures trading system.

  • Enhanced risk management system for the futures market with two major element - Tiered Maintenance Margin Ratio (TMMR) system and Forced Partial liquidation mode.

  • Other features such as Peer to peer exchange,spot trading and future contracts for investors attracts the traders to the platform.

OKEX Clone Scripts

The clone script for OKEx consist all the existing features of OKEx crypto exchange platform along with the additional features which will help to make your cryptoexchange platform unique and as well as a standard one. 

Start an exchange platform like OKEX

By developing an exchange platform like OKEX, you can also make high ROI and produce a much optimized and customized platform to reach your business goals. OKEX has many highlighting features as mentioned above and developing a clone of such platform with updated features based on the current market trend will help you to build a safe, reliable and stable environment for digital assets trading.

Certain features such as analyzing OKEx platform completely based on its features and plugins, OKEx’s competitor analysis and development of platform that is likely to be user friendly should be considered while developing such platform.

Why to choose Pulsehyip for your OKEX Clone script?

The experts from Pulsehyip can provide you with the standard and pioneering clone scripts will help you to launch your own exchange platform like OKEx. Pulsehyip is a robust Cryptocurrency exchange development company which is ready to help you to develop exchange platform like Binance, OKEx, Paxful and more.

Other features from Pulsehyip

Pulsehyip provides clone script with enhanced API, Multiple language support, varied payment methods, Customizable admin panel,improved security features and automated KYC process.


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