Lion’s Share Clone Script – An Overview about Lions Share MLM to start your Own Smart Contract MLM Platform

Lion’s Share Clone Script – An Overview about Lions Share MLM to start your Own Smart Contract MLM Platform

Lions Share Clone Script 

An interesting fact in Lions Share Clone script is that when compared to other ETH smart contract MLM, it has many beneficial features you can start your Ethereum Smart contract MLM platform in it.

If you are going to start your own smart contract MLM, then Lions share MLM is one of the best choices you can opt with before proceeding your own MLM platform development.

No matter what you decide, better get detail knowledge in it at once you decide!

Here, you can get an overview about the Lions share MLM and its process with key features to be noted down.

What is Lions Share MLM?

It’s a time to know about Lion’s share MLM!

Lion’s share MLM is an automated investment system the one that finally arrived with full transparency and affordability to all the people. It is an Ethereum smart contract MLM that runs on Ethereum ETH blockchain.

Many entrepreneurs prefer launching their own MLM platform in Ethereum blockchain. There are many Ethereum smart contract MLM website you can clone for your business development.

 In that, Lion’s share clone script is the exact website script that helps you to start your own MLM platform similar to lionsshare.io. You can also add on some extra beneficial features along with the inbuilt features in Lions share MLM.

Why Lion’s Share Clone Script?

If you have decided to start your own MLM platform, then you can buy a readymade Lions share clone script. It offers complete decentralized matrix compensation plan with 100% commission to the members in the system exactly same to lions share.

In order to launch your Ethereum smart contract MLM business to make money using cryptocurrency, then opting a right platform is necessary. In general, there are various Ethereum Smart contract MLM are in market. You can analyze the benefits and features before choosing to buy Lions share clone script.

Apart from ETH smart contract MLMs like Million money, Forsage, Doubleway, Etrix, Ethereumscash, XOXO, Lion’s share also adds in a queue of Ethereum smart contract MLM websites that are leading in the multi-level marketing business.

Benefits of Lions Share Clone Script

  • One Time investment on Ethereum Blockchain

  • Complete Decentralized Platform

  • Cent Percent Transparency

  • Unaltered Compensation Plan

  • Easy and unhackable

  • No Admin Control

  • Trustworthy smart contract

  • Peer to Peer Transactions

  • Independent and open source smart contract

  • Verified Smart Contract

  • Impossible to Scam or Hack

  • No withdrawal request required

  • 100% Commission towards Users

  • Cost effective and affordable

  • No time limitations

The required Wallets to join Lions Share MLM

  • With just a 0.04ETH and gas fee as an initial payment, you can join in Lions share smart contract MLM.

  • The next requirement to participate in Lion’s share MLM is, you need to own your Ethereum wallet.

  • With the help of Trust wallet and Metamask wallet, any of them can start investing in Lions share MLM.

  • For the mobile users, Trust wallet development helps to store their earnings in one’s own wallet.

  • For desktop and laptop users, Metamask wallet development gives you hand to save your money in the wallet.

  • Lions share Smart Contract is 100% legit without any scamming or hacking. With the help of ETH wallet, you can make the transactions safer directly via wallet.

The Registration Process of Lion’s Share Clone Script

Step 1: Start downloading any of the one, either Trustwallet or Metamask wallet for storing all your ETH in it.

Step 2: Sign up account on your wallet and transfer it with 0.04ETH. 

Step 3: After transferring, with the help of registration link, you can register and join Lions share.

Step 4: At once registered, your ETH deposit gets deducted after clicking the payment options.

Step 5 – Once the payment is done, you will be redirected to your dashboard to proceed in lions share.

How Lions Share Clone Script Works?

In this Lions share MLM, it works on the two compensation plans with L1 and L2 matrix packages.

Lions Share Packages

In both the L1 and L2 packages, each one has 16 levels in which you can simultaneously start in any of both the packages. There is no requirement for any upgrade in the package to earn money. All the transactions only happen directly through the wallet.

Lion’s Share L1 Package

 In L1 package, it comprises of 16 levels with 3 members in each level.  With this, your earning will get double due to the upgrade fee doubles in each level.

In each level, you can earn the ETH from first two referrals and it gets stored directly to your wallet. Next, the third referral pay gets credited to your sponsor. This guides you in earning again in the same matrix after refreshing the matrix.

With the considerable calculation made, the entire amount you required to each level upgrade till 16 levels and the complete earnings covering all the levels, your profit range out will be 55.59 ETH.

Lion’s Share L2 Package

In L2 package, it comprises of 16 levels with 6 members in each level. At this level also, you can earn in each levels that is sent directly to your wallet.

The L2 package is a 2×2 matrix plan. It acts similar to L1 package with the same 16 levels and 0.04ETH to join the platform. In this level, the first 2 referrals will reach the global team. Through this, you can get many global referrals.

Then from the referrals 3, 4 and 5, you can earn 0.02ETH from each of them with the total of 0.06ETH directly to your wallet. At last, the last referral pay will go to your sponsor same like L1. Thus, the matrix gets refreshed and you can earn again in the same level without any necessary for the upgrade to the next level. With the complete cycle and its calculation consideration, you can earn an accumulated profit range of 111.16 ETH.

The Best Destination to Buy Lions Share Clone Script

Pulsehyip furnish you a readymade Lions Share Clone Script with all the beneficial features in it. You can customize your unique features along with the existing features in the Lions share MLM.

To all those business entrepreneurs, a vast idea shines with the following smart contract MLM clone script. You can start building in choosing any of the following Ethereum based smart contract MLM clone scripts:

If you are an entrepreneur seeking to invest in MLM business with gas fee reduction, then you can go with either TRON based MLM or BTC based MLM for betterment of your business enhancement.

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Disclaimer : We do not own the site Lionsshare or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only Smart contract based MLM software which enables you to develop your own MLM platform like "Lionsshare". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "Lionsshare".

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