KuCoin Clone Script- Build a Futuristic Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin Clone Script- Build a Futuristic Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

KuCoin Exchange

KuCoin is one of the trusted third party cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates crypto users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. KuCoin is said to be one of the newest Cryptocurrency exchange in the industry, that was established in the year 2017 in Singapore. Objectively, the exchange has gained popularity for its provision of simple and Safe environment for the people all over the world to trade a range of digital coins.

What is KuCoin Clone Script?

KuCoin Clone Script is a cryptocurrency exchange platform source code package that holds all the features and high end security highlights like KuCoin Exchange Platform. Thus, allowing anyone to start an exchange based on KuCoin.

Pulsehyip is an experienced cryptocurrency exchange clone script provider that holds white labeled Kucoin clone script, to aid crypto business entrepreneurs. We Pulsehyip have it covered for those who want to begin with Exchange startup.

Features of KuCoin Exchange

  • Kucoin exchange supports more that 400 cryptocurrencies and with near to 340 exchanging sets/trading pairs.

  • It has very simple sing up process and it uses well developed Programming interface for a good exchange output. The Exchange has its own coin called KuCoin Shares (KCS).

  • Holding KCS on KuCoin helps to get KCS bonus, whose amount changes based on the trading fees of KuCoin.

  • It holds more than 5million users from different 100 countries

  • The exchange also supports margin trading, making it a profitable platform for those traders who would like to gain more profit

  • They hold separate OTC desk in the Vietnam marketplace.

  • The users can get BTC and ETH with fiat currencies such as Australian dollar and British pound by bank transfers.

  • The platform also facilitates the storage of cryptocurrencies with KuCoin Wallet protected with multilayer encryptions.


Kucoin Fees structure

The Kucoin chargers nothing for cryptocurrency deposits, other than the blockchain transaction fee that’s to be paid to make the transfer. Also this depends on the type of cryptocurrency the user is using.

If the users is making a trade, he/she has to pay 0.1% of the amount they are buying, the lowest in the industry!

In case of withdrawal of coins from the exchange, the fee depends on what cryptocurrency the users want to take out.

Payment Methods and Verification in KuCoin

Kucoin does not accept fiat currency, means that the user will have to deposit using another cryptocurrency.

This mostly adds up to its advantageous  features as the users does not carry out any fiat currency transaction, he/she can carry out their trade without identifying themselves. Even better, there isn’t any limit for the number of funds you can deposit and withdraw. And this is an added advantage, as other exchange platforms will ask for verification documents such as passport and bank statement , whose verification process may take upto two weeks.

Want to Start an Exchange Platform Like Kucoin?

Sure you may now be intrigued to start an exchange platform like KuCoin. All you will need is an KuCoin Exchange Clone Script in order to start your Exchange platform.

Why Pulsehyip for Kucoin Clone Script?

Pulsehyip has years of experience in providing successful cryptocurrency exchange script with the help of innovative specialists who can provide you guidance from the start of the project, till its end with absolute consideration of your expectations.

Highlights of our KuCoin Clone Script

  1. High end Security Provisions

  2. API Integration

  3. User friendly Interface

  4. Secured Admin panel for administration

  5. Best and effective trading modules

  6. Protection against forgery

  7. Jail login

  8. Best Client Services

  9. Best encrypted crypto wallet

  10. High handling pace (executions for trade orders)

  11. Margin trading administration

  12. Vast Trade coordinating limit

  13. KCS bonuses and cashback program

  14. Multi signature wallet

  15. Two factor authentication

  16. With Mobile application support

And more...

If you are questing for a very rewarding Kucoin clone script, then our developers can help you with it.

Make your call to Launch an Exchange Like KuCoin!!

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