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How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? A Step-by-Step Startup Guide

How to Launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)? A Step-by-Step Startup Guide

 While acting as an ICO consultant we face a lot of questions with regards to the ICO business process. There are more people are entering an ICO to raise money for their business. This article is for those who are seeing opportunities to raise fund for their project.

Let’s see how to launch your own ICO,

A Step by Step Startup Guide to Setting up your ICO

Setting Up your ICO

1. Create the product and token : creating a product and token is the first most important part of ICO. Tokens can represent any tradable goods like digital coins, loyalty points, loyalty points, bonus points, certificates, IOU’s, in-game items, etc. The Tokens are similar to company shares sold to investors in an IPO transaction.

Before creating a token, decide how much you want to raise, how many blockchain or ethereum tokens you will issue, how many you will retain for the team and sell within the Pre-ICO, and decide in advance in what scenario you will issue additional tokens.

2. Create legal agreement to get the legal opinion: You have to legally covered while you handling other people's money.  As an ICO business owner, you have to prove that your token is not a security, and you don’t try to deceive people. For this reason, you need to create documents explaining your formal legal opinion and a legal description of your ICO. Don’t hesitate to ask help from professionals.

3. write whitepaper :  white paper is the introduction of your project created for investors and potential users that combines your business plan, technical plan, and marketing plan. Ideally, you should hire an experienced white paper writer to create the text, and have your technical specialists fill in some gaps. 

4. choose token type : You need to consider the purpose of your token and what kind of digital token it will be. Make a symbol decision to represent your token. It has to be easy to remember and quickly identifiable

5. Choose Your Blockchain Platform for the ICO: After you have created a whitepaper, ICO team, and terms and condition, it’s time to decide which blockchain platform you use to launch your tokens. There are a numerous of platforms you can use. But the most popular platform is Ethereum’s ERC-20 token, which is quickly becoming the industry standard. 

6. Set up Your ICO Website : If you don’t already have an ICO website, then you should set up your own platform by choosing the best ICO website solution.

7. setup hardware : This the last piece of infrastructure you need before launching your ICO. You need a dedicated computer, a node and a digital wallet.

ICO marketing :

This is the second most important part of an ICO. Creating a marketing strategy for your ICO is important, but the steps prior to ICO launch can be critical to its overall success. So by creating a community in the social network, your investors can know about your token. 

Here is an ICO Marketing Checklist that you have to follow in order to make a perfect ICO Marketing Strategy.

1. White paper to Gain the investor's trust

2. Create a website and promote it socially

3. SEO and PPC for your ICO

4. Social Media Communities and Influencer Marketing.

5. Email Marketing and Newsletters 

Launch ICO : 

So, now you’ve got your ICO team together, created your coin, published a whitepaper, drawn up an ICO marketing strategy and started to generate a sizable buzz with the media and forums. Everything of ICO process is live and ready to go, all you need to do is say the word and your ICO is underway.

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