How to develop Dapp HYIP like EtherChain?- Pulsehyip

How to develop Dapp HYIP like EtherChain?- Pulsehyip

In Ethereum Blockchain platform the Dapps act as a smart contract that’s designed to distribute Ethereum cryptocurrency(ETH) to the members of the application in a particular manner that’s predetermined and specified by its protocol. In short, the payment of money takes place in an automatic and passive a passive manner at ease, without fail.

Pulsehyip can help you create Dapp HYIP like Etherchain with the help of Etherchain clone script. Here in this blog detail, you will get all the information about how EtherChain works and the ultimate structure of a DApp HYIP platform.

Etherchain Clone Script for HYIP Platform Development

Etherchain Clone script can help you develop a platform like Etherchain. How so? The data provided in the script can help you develop a platform like Etherchain within a short span of time. It wont be necessary to develop the Decentralized HYIP platform from from its inital stage. Since the cost of developing the platform by hiring a developer and then starting a platform will be higher, comparatively choosing clone script to develop a Platform like Etherchain will be cost-effective.

EtherChain Decentralized HYIP- Overview

The EtherChain Ethereum Dapp smart contract is an HYIP that pays the depositor 1% of the deposit value for 310 days. This explains, the “310%” return from each deposit.  

Now you may have doubt about how the money supply is maintained in such a platform. But there’s a logical answer to it. The platform guarantees a system of required re-deposit, metered/ calculated withdrawals and a safety adjustment valve which ensure that will ensure daily earnings and payouts to all the members of the platform.

One that has invested has to do absolutely nothing, in order to receive more than triple their investment paid out to them, 1% daily for 310 days.

The existing participants can also refer the platform to new members, thus increasing the earning potential that is unlimited. It is to be noted that, the additional commissions reduce the 310-day time frame in proportion to the amount of those commission earnings. In simple words, if one refers to many people, they can earn a 310% bit faster. These additional commissions will reduce the 310 days time frame in proportion to the additional commissions. If one needs to earn passively then, there is no referring necessary.

Advantage of DApp HYIP platform

These types of online programs have been running quite often. There has been types of HYIP platforms like cyclers, matrices, boards, subs and other types of HYIPs that exist now, these may or may not exist in the future.

There is a large difference between normal HYIP platform and DApp based HYIP platform since DApp cannot be cheated in certain ways that HYIPs have been susceptible to.

  • The admin cannot run off with the proposed funds of the programme.

  • The government cannot intervene and shut it down.

  • The payment processor is set up in such a way that it cannot freeze accounts and hold the funds for 180 or more.

  • It cannot be hacked and is not vulnerable to DDoS attacks.

These are considered to be the critical failures of the HYIP model and it been eliminated completely by the integration of Smart Contracts and Decentralized Blockchain Applications.

How EtherChain Works?

Unlike any other platform, EtherChain allows Signup only through the referral link given by the existing participant. It will open straight to the smart contract page and it will immediately assign you a participant ETH wallet.

In order to fund the system, one needs to send ETH from a wallet that’s compatible with DApps.

User Guidance-

One needs to set up Meta Mask wallet in the desktop or laptop PC as a chrome extension. If as a user you are using it in a mobile, then Trust wallet is advisable.

A user has to deposit a minimum amount of 0.1 ETH or a maximum of 10 ETH. Once the 310% payout is completed for the user either through the time or a combination of time and referrals, then the user will be eligible to re-deposit again. Based on this, the maximum deposit level will increase. In this kind of system, a maximum deposit of 200 ETH can be reached after the completion of the 3rd 310% cycle payout and it can be repeated indefinitely at that level.

Once the participant account has been funded then the system takes over and automatically pays 1% of your deposit amount to the user's wallet based on the smart contract protocol. As mentioned above, this will continue up to 310 consecutive days. How soon it ends depends on referral volume the user has achieved.  

Why Develop a Dapp HYIP like EtherChain?

Most of the crypto users are nowadays in search for a platform that will provide them with a passive income. So as an entrepreneur, you can make use of this chance to start with a DApp based smart contract integrated HYIP platform.

Features of our DApp HYIP Software

  • Smart contract integrated

  • Decentralized

  • Highly secured

  • Trustworthy

  • Easy to use wallet integration

  • High ROI

  • Un-hackable

  • Easy to use

  • Attractive income schemes for the users

  • Run-on Ethereum blockchain

Why Pulsehyip for Dapp Hyip development?

We, Pulsehyip an experienced Cryptocurrency HYIP software provider help you to launch your own DApp based HYIP platform like EtherChain. This type HYIP will help the admin gain more trust among the investors since, its completely Decentralized, Smart contract integrated along with blockchain.

You can also have a look towards, Dapp Hyip like TRXchain

All you will need is a basic layout to start with a high yield investment program. Our experts are very well specialized in Smart contract and Blockchain. Feel free to consult us sooner.

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