Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software

Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software contains programming code to begin with your own Smart contract based mlm software on Ethereum Network. It is a MLM system run on the Ethereum Blockchain Network supported by Smart contracts. The Smart Contract holds the highly encrypted set of data according to which the funds are transacted between the MLM system and the user.

The smart contract based MLM Software will make the MLM system more decentralized, thus making it more approachable.

The System of Multilevel marketing is gaining more popularity. Also the Value of Cryptocurrency is also been realized by individuals and business around the world. Due to this reason there will be a booming amount of users in the upcoming years. Also people will hold cryptocurrency as a digital currency for their day to day transactions as well as for their long term investment, in order to gain more income.

This reasons to why launching an Ethereum smart contract MLM platform in 2021 can be beneficial! Also, the conventional Network marketing model usually had drawbacks based on the trust between the participants and the MLM Companies, issues caused due to delayed payments etc. This has paved the way for Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software Development.

Why Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Development?

Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Development aides in seamless and effective Network marketing system. The Ethereum blockchain integrated MLM system can help the users to gain trust as well as carry out their functionalities easily. Why so? Because the Smart contract run MLM Platform induces the transparency, security and efficiency in the management of the platform. The immutable smart contract supports automated transactions that include fund transfer of funds directly to the users with minimum latency.

By launching an Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software, the users as well as the admin will have passive income for the platform. Below while reading you will get an idea about why development of Smart contract based MLM platform development n Ethereum Network will be useful for the admin or owner.

The users of the MLM Network can earn ETH as a passive income without the involvement of Central authorities. The users will be earning income by referring the mlm system to others and ultimately they will receive a commission from the referrals.

The Ethereum Blockchain acts as the best option to launch an MLM Platform as its existing as an open source and the Network is unhackable. The users can customize the smart contracts based on their requirements.  

Build a Smart contract based MLM Platform in Ethereum Network

In order to set up a smart contract based MLM System in Ethereum Network the admin has to have a complete set up such as-

Ethereum wallet- Integrating a multicurrency wallet will help to perform secured transfer of cryptocurrency and facilitates the sharing of referral links with new sponsors. The users can also use the chats function to make their MLM a success.

Ethereum Smart Contract- The Smart contract helps to make the functions more easier and processes the functions in an automated manner.

API to Crypto Exchange Platforms- Provision of API connection to other exchange platforms makes it easy for the users with the MLM System to quickly buy or sell the desired crytpocurrency to participate in the MLM.

Different Investment Modules- The MLM System should provide a stage for the users to multiply their funds.

P2P transaction mode- This helps to facilitate P2P automated transactions between the participants with the help of Smart contract.

Mobile Application as well as software- This will the owner to reach out to the mobile users as well as desktop users

Better UI/UX- The User interface must be simple and unique in order to guide the users within the platform.

Why to develop Smart Contract based Cryptocurrency MLM Software?

Cryptocurrency is now at an exponential growth phase. And since its structure can be used for both trading and investment purposes, it acts as a best choice in the user end to carry out cryptocurrency based network marketing. By building a Smart contract based MLM on Tron or Ethereum network, one can carry out automated business transactions and calculations. Any Crypto Entrepreneur can launch their own Cryptocurrency MLM Software on the famous blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tron. We, Pulsehyip provide white labeled Crytpocurrency MLM software solutions for that are completely decentralized, transparent and secured.

Build High ROI providing Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software Easily!!!

The way Smart Contract facilitates Automatic Transaction in MLM

It refers to the automatic transaction of funds or assets with the help of predefined set of rules within the smart contract. This functionality will be set up in a loop, thus until unless a function provided in the smart contract is completed, it won’t proceed to the next step. The smart contract will exist till the Blockchain exists.

The conditions of the Smart contracts will be set up by the MLM website owners and once its been set up, the smart contract cannot be altered or deleted.

Advantages of Smart contract based MLM Platform

  • Provides more Transparency

  • Remove fraudulent activities

  • Avoids third party involvement

  • Protected data and transactions

  • MLM continues to function till be blockchain exists

  • Effortless traceability

  • Trustworthy network

  • Supports Peer to  Peer architecture

  • Best dashboard provision

  • One of the best way for passive income for the users

  • Automated functions

  • Fast and secured transactions

  • Eliminates scams

  • Best revenue generating model

Components and Features of Ethereum Smart Contract MLM System

Above we have seen the reasons to develop Ethereum Smart contract based MLM Platform will require wallet, smart contract, Dashboard etc. But along with these, the MLM Platform should also support KYC Dashboard, Transaction Dashboard, Mobile Transactions dashboard, Commission distribution dashboard, CMS Integration, User Demographics along with insights.


The below mentioned features can help the admin to launch a Top Grade Smart contract based MLM.

  1. Easy Login- The Login can be kept simple to make the user sign up easily.

  2. Ethereum wallet provision- Presence of wallet for Desktop, Mobile as well as Browser

  3. Different joining methods- The user can join either by signing in directly, through referrals and through Mobile App.

  4. Multi lingual Facilities-  This will help the owner to enact the platform in various countries.

  5. Features to import contacts- Its an easy way to carry out the referral system.

  6. Easy deposit and Withdrawal- The users can have the liberty to deposit and withdraw from the wallet based on their requirements.

List of Existing Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Platforms

  1. Million Money MLM

  2. Forsage MLM

  3. Dobleway MLM

  4. Etehreums.Cash MLM

  5. Etrix MLM


  7. Lions share MLM and more

Pro Tips to Start Smart Contract based MLM on Ethereum Network

  • As a Crypto Entrepreneur one must have experience about the way Cryptocurrency MLM Platform Functions.

  • Approach the best Smart contract based MLM Platform development company for Guidance.

  • You can avail Customizable Smart contract based MLM script to build the platform or you can develop the platform from its base.

  • Analyze the Matrix plan that you want to imbibe in the platform

  • Decide the commission scheme for level of the level.

  • Design the smart contract based on your requirements. And remember to set it up clearly, since the smart contract is immutable.

  • Then after the completion of all the back end works, launch the platform on Ethereum network.

  • Deploy the smart contract and increase the user base for yielding the best ROI from the platform.

Why Pulsehyip for Ethereum Smart Contract MLM Software Development?

In 2021, The Cryptocurrency users will rise since there will be continuous expansion of the Crypto users around the world. Not only that, the COVID-19 has given a new perception towards cryptocurrency for the people. Ethereum Smart contract MLM Software Development will be the best choice for any Entrepreneur who would like to yield more for his/ her business.

We, Pulsehyip the leading Smart contract based MLM Platform development company can help you build the Platform from its base. As, our developers are well versed in smart contract and Blockchain development, we can help you integrate more advantageous features to the platform that will make your MLM System more unique. You can also add up different refferal system for your platform to gain a huge user base.

The solutions we cover -

  • Customizations for the platform as well as smart contract

  • MLM Algorithm integration

  • Customized Wallet Development

  • Commission system development and optimization

  • Best user authentication set up

  • Deploying the MLM System on the Ethereum Blockchain

With the help of our flexible team of developers you can launch your platform within sooner! Our agile work will ensure that all the requirements of our clients are fulfilled based on the priorities.

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