Top DeFi Clone Script of Various Blockchain to Launch Your Unique DeFi Protocol

Top DeFi Clone Script of Various Blockchain to Launch Your Unique DeFi Protocol

Decentralized Finance DeFi Clone Script

Decentralized Finance DeFi clone script is the best way to launch your DeFi protocol on any of the Blockchain sooner. The famous Decentralized Finance or DeFi is the trending concept in crypto ecosystem. It emerged from the crypto markets during the summer 2020 and has become one of the most accepted protocol among the crypto users. DeFi refers to the provision of financial services built on blockchain, that allows users to access the financial services and products from anywhere around the globe in a decentralized and borderless manner. Here the users can borrow, lend, trade, invest and make payments without any requirement of an intermediary. The decentralized smart contract protocols replaces the need for financial institution.

Currently, the topic is heating up amongst its users. After the initial DeFi boom, there is a secondary wave that’s been rising in DeFi. While various blue-chip DeFi protocols have made its name soaring in Crypto space, various other protocols are still in their early stages. Every newly launched platform has uniquely added features for that makes it better for DeFi users.

You can also join the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Series by launching your own DeFi protocol on any of the famous Blockchains, that include- Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Polygon, Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain.

Pulsehyip the leading DeFi protocol development service provide can help you develop and launch your own DeFi platform with the help of DeFi protocol Clone Script. Below are the list of clones of DeFi protocols Clone Scripts of Various Blockchains.

Ethereum DeFi Protocols Clone Scripts

Maker Clone Script - Maker clone script allows you to launch and run a platform similar to Maker, a permissionless lending platform on Ethereum Blockchai

Compound Clone Script- With Compound clone script you can easily launch a platform like Compound,  a famous DeFi lending protocol.

Aave Clone Script- Aave clone script help you launch a platform similar to Aave an open source, non custodial platform that supports to receive interest on deposits and borrow assets.

Uniswap Clone Script- The uniswap clone script provided by Pulsehyip allows you to begin with an exchange platform similar to uniswap. UniSwap is an open source protocol and it mainly focuses on trading Ether (ETH) and Ethereum blockchain based assets.

Curve Finance Clone Script- Launch a platform that supports an exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum similar to Curve Finance that allows stablecoin trading with very low risk as well as supplemental fee income for the platform’s liquidity providers.

Synthetix Clone Script- Synthetix clone script allows you to start a platform similar to Synthetix an Ethereum based protocol for the issuance of synthetic assets.

Balancer Clone Script- Starting a platform similar to Balancer is easy with Balancer clone script. Balancer is an automated market maker for various tokens. The users can create Balancer pools in which the traders can then trade.

Bancor Clone Script- Allows you to launch a platform like Bancor, the decentralized trading protocol the empowers the traders and liquidity providers to get engaged in the open financial market place.

Badger DAO Clone Script- With which you can launch a platform similar to Badger DAO  whose purpose is to build products and infrastructure necessary to accelerate Bitcoin as  a collateral among other Blockchains.

InstaDapp Clone Script- The clone script allows you to launch a DeFi like InstaDapp with an intuitive interface on top of popular DeFi projects like MakerDAO, Compound, UniSwap etc.

Tron DeFi Protocols Clone Scripts

Bliss.Finance Clone Script- It allows you to launch a platform similar to Bliss.Finance, a ecosystem where the users can stake TRX and earn BLI.

Just Lend Clone Script-  Just Lend Clone Script allows you to launch a TRON powered money market protocol that ‘s aimed at establishing fund pools and whose interest rates are determined based on demand and supply of tron assets.

UME Clone Script-  UME clone script helps you launch platform similar to UME.

Sun Clone Script- You can easily launch a community driven, Decentralized Finance like SUN with the help of SUN clone Script.

Just Clone Script- Just Clone Script helps you launch a platform similar to JustDeFi, a simplified DeFi loan project on tron blockchain.

Golden Eggs Clone Script- Golden Eggs clone will enable you to readily launch a DeFi  protocol similar to Golden Eggs, which would act as a source of continual or guaranteed success and profit for its users.

NutBox Clone Script- The NutBox clone script enables you to launch a DeFi staking platform like Nutox.

TronHero Token Clone Script- TronHero clone script allows you to launch an ecosystem similar to TronHero where investors stake their TRXs to earn THERO tokens which will go into a circulation.

Unifi Protocol Clone Script-  UniFi clone script allows you to launch a protocol that’s non-custodial and has interoperable smart contracts.

EOS DeFi Protocols Clone Scripts

DeFi Box Clone Script- The DeFi Box clone script allows you to launch a DeFi protocol that allows users to be a part of without any hesitation.

PIZZA Clone Script- PIZZA clone script allows you to launch a similar website like PIZZA on EOS   decentralized financial network with various products that helps to meet the user’s needs on blockchain finance sector.

DeFi’s Network Clone Script-  Its a clone script that allows you to launch and run a protocol similar to DeFi’s Network on EOS blockchain.

Joker.one Clone Script- Joker.one clone script enables you to effectively launch a platform like Joker.one, a platform that serves EOS based light applications of Finance and Games.

Polygon DeFi Protocols Clone Scripts

QuickSwap Clone Script-  QuickSwap clone script allows you to launch a platform like QuickSwap, a permissionless DEX decentralized exchange based on Ethereum powered Matic network’s Layer 2 Scalability

Aave Clone Script- It allows you to launch a website similar to Aave, a decentralized money market protocol that allows its users to lend and borrow crypto of their requirement.

EasyFi Clone Script-  EasyFi clone script is the best solution is you are to launch a platform similar to EasyFi , a universal layer 2 lending protocol that’s built for DeFi focused on scalability and adoption.

BSE DeFi Protocols Clone Scripts

Autofarm Clone Script - Helps you develop a DeFi platform like Autofarm, a cross-chain yield aggregator that helps its users to receive more returns from their assets that are staked in the Autofarm vaults.

Beefy Finance Clone Script - Helps you develop a DeFi platform similar to Beefy Finance, a Multi Chain Yield Optimizer which supports the users to get the maximal profits from their assets without any cost and hassle of daily harvest.

Harvest Clone Script- Helps you develop a DeFi platform like Harvest, one of the high yielding DeFi protocols, that optimizes the yields that are received via the newest farming technique.

PancakeBunny Clone Script-  Helps to launch a DeFi protocol like PancakeBunny, a BSC based DeFi yield aggregator platform that is enabled with auto compounding and yield optimization for all PancakeSwap LP pairs.

Value DeFi Clone Script- With which you can develop a platform like Value DeFi,  that provides farms as a service liquidity mining solution and AMM exchange governed by $VALUE token.

bEarn Fi Clone Script- Helps you to launch a platform like bEarn Fi, a cross-chain yield aggregator on BSC Blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain.

Decentralized exchanges Clone Script of BSC

1inch.exchange Clone Script - 1inch.exchange Clone Script helps to launch a platform similar to 1inch, a decentralized exchange run on BSC.

DexGuru Clone Script- DexGuru Clone Script helps to launch trading platform like DexGuru that supports modern traders to trade on-chain with analytics combined with trading capabilities.

Dodo Clone Script- DODO clone script allows entrepreneurs to launch and run a platform like DODO, an on-chain liquidity provider which leverages the proactive Market Maker Algorithm (PMM) to give out on-chain as well as contract fillable liquidity for its users.

IDEX Clone Script- It allows to launch a platform like IDEX, a non-custodial exchange that allows the users to trade with one another without any involvement of third party custodian.

PancakeSwap Clone Script-  PancakeSwap clone script help you to launch a protocol similar to PancakeSwap on BinanceSmart Chain. PancakeSwap is a BSC based  AMM exchange platform whose liquidity is incentivized through farming mechanics, lottery and collectibles gamification.

Multichain.xyz Clone Script- MultiChain.xyz clone script enables to build a platform like Multichain.xyz, a cross chain bridge that enables bi-directional transfer among Ethereum, BSC, Fantom, Fusion, Heco, Polygon and xDAI blockchains.

Decentralized Lending Clone Script of BSC

Cream Finance Clone Script- Cream Finance Clone Script is the best way to launch a crypto lending and borrowing dApp like CREAM Finance.

Unit protocol Clone Script- Unit Protocol Clone Script allows you to launch a decentralized protocol supports its users to mint stablecoin.

Venus Clone Script- The clone script allows to launch a platform like Venus, an algorithmic money market as well as a synthetic stablecoin protocol on BSC.

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