Top 10 Countries Where Cryptocurrency Legal and Illegal

Top 10 Countries Where Cryptocurrency Legal and Illegal

Know about that, In which countries does the Cryptocurrency is legalized or not? Here we explained about the bitcoin legal and illegal status that people are allowed to purchase, sale or trade in virtual currencies at their own risk.

Is Cryptocurrency Legal or Illegal?

Do you also have this question in your mind? Then go ahead to get a clear view about cryptocurrency.

In the year of 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto gave birth to Cryptocurrencies, it used as SHA-256 a cryptographic hash functions. He developed a peer to peer Electronic cash system as a digital transaction.

Also days gets passed, the value of cryptocurrencies gets increased gradually. Suddenly, the investors trends will be changed; converts from land or property investors into digital currency investor.

What happened to the digital currency? What magic occurs on the Bitcoin? Okay, then let we discuss about what will be the value of Bitcoin in 2009, Any guesses?

A Guy named Koch bought 5000 bitcoin for $27, now the worth is $17,028,350.00

Can you believe!! Also, this will be not stable value for Bitcoin; it will get increase so on it depends on trade market value. Prediction of 2019, Bitcoin value can double its present value; it can increase its currency value to nearly 84%. This is the journey of bitcoin also it will be grow too in upcoming days.

Here is the drastic view of Bitcoin prediction growth the range of value touches Billion value results.

On the whole, Bitcoin has tremendous growth value on this digital currency market, then why Bitcoin had Banned in some countries?

What Bitcoin had banned? Yes, many countries in the world has said “NO” to Bitcoin.

Country that say YES & NO to Bitcoin is listed below and shown it in infographics. Take a look

At the End Core

Although Bitcoin is now almost 10 years old, many countries restricting Bitcoin & many of them doing favor to regulate Bitcoin transaction and cryptocurrency service. The base thing govt. Banning the Bitcoin is for the case of criminal and fraudulent transaction

But to overcome this issues technology had huge growth of decentralized blockchain techniques. By processing these secure challenge to bitcoin many goverments analyzing the ways to regulate the cryptocurrency to make it as legal. On the final view point, Bitcoin and crypto currencies remains in a legal gray area for much of the world.

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