20x9 TRON HYIP Clone Development Company - Create Decentralized HYIP Platform with Smart Contract on TRON Network

20x9  TRON HYIP Clone Development Company - Create Decentralized HYIP Platform with Smart Contract on TRON Network

20x9 TRON HYIP clone platform development is something that’s been sought in recent times after the rise in the gas fees of Ethereum platform. Definitely you would like to know what TRON HYIP platform means and how it functions and the way it has become profitable for both the investor and the owner! Below you can get all the details about it.

Let’s begin with the discussion of How HYIP functions!

HYIP called as the High yield investment Platform can bring you high returns from the small amount that you invest initially. Mostly the profits are earned by forex trading, stocks and bonds etc. HYIP can pay hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. The income rates depend on the HYIP itself and range from 0.5% to 6%. It's good, right? This is the basic concept of a Crypto/ Bitcoin HYIP platform.

But if you google it down about HYIP Investment, there can be cases that make people feel little more cautious about HYIP investment. That’s mainly based on the previous histories.

“But it’s to be realized that, because of the technological development such as blockchain technology and Smart Contract, things have changed so far. The decentralized model of Investment has become much safer."

HYIP platform in TRON Network

As we all know Tron is a Blockchain-based Decentralized platform that supports 100% transparency of Investing processes. The users and the holders can get full satisfaction, also the referral can get benefits too.

Let’s dive deeper!!

Decentralized HYIP platform

A platform is said to be decentralized when there is no middle man controlling all the processes that are to be carried out in the platform. Blockchain is like a backbone of such platform as it helps in the storage of all the required information in the form of blocks. Now you may have the question about how HYIP can work out in this kind of theme.

But this is what adds up the security features since no single entity holds the power to stop or start a process other than the user himself. Particularly there will be no middle man. So once the investor invests some amount in the platform, until the investor receives the Returns for his investment, everything will be automated. Now support the word “automation”, Smart contract comes in!

Smart Contract in HYIP platform

The smart contract is a self-enforcing piece of Software and is mostly present in the Blockchain networks like Tron. It's one of the most rights management tools that’s been used to provide a coordination and enforcement framework agreement between the network participants.

When a smart contract is being executed the process will run until all the mentioned or listed points are being carried out well by the parties. This is the basic concept behind Smart Contract between two entities.

With respect to HYIP, when the smart contract is being executed, all the processes starting from the investment to the receiving of the matured investment amount, are carried out through Blockchain Smart Contract. The TRON platform is the one that facilitates this.

20x9 TRON HYIP Clone Development

20x9  HYIP platform is a decentralized investment platform that’s run on TRON smart contract technology. As mentioned above, the smart contract offers 100% safety and transparency. This helps in the automated and accrual payment of dividends.

Since there has been an increase in the TRON platform users recently, TRON HYIP platform development can help all those investors out there as well as the owner of the platform to gain huge profit.

Proposed Features of the TRON HYIP platform

The platform has to have basic features of TRON HYIP platform, such as attractive UL/UX, Investment calculator, detailed investment portfolio, dividend distribution details, easy way to use via both mobile and desktop, referral bonuses etc. Other features include-

Reliable and safe- Since it runs directly on the blockchain and its smart contract is updated in the Tron blockchain, none can easily edit or delete the smart contract, nor influence its autonomous operation. This helps to pay the dividends automatically through the smart contract.

Dividend distribution- The dividend distribution plans can be set up while developing the platform. So, if an investor invests, based on the plan he/she selected they may get their returns. Usually, the dividend is generated every second and the investors will also be given the options of reinvesting their dividends. 

Have a look about the Tron Smart Contract Hyip like Bank of Tron

Based on their reinvestments their total investment would increase and they may get more dividends.

Referral program- Many tiers of referral rewards can be set up. Even the invitee can also get a certain cent of his/her own investment as the rewards. This reward will also be automatically moved to the wallet itself.

Investing in Desktop- Integrating and linking the platform to the TronLink and TronPay extension on Chrome can be quite easy and useful. One can import the existing TRX wallet or create a new TRX wallet. After logging in the users can browse and invest in the platform.

Investing in Mobile- TronWallet integration to the platform can make things simpler. The user can simply install the wallet app and import an existing TRX wallet, and then they can transfer the TRX from exchange to the wallet. The funds of the platform can be distributed based for the technical support, on the marketing, Referral, Invitee.

20x9 Clone- Investment processes

Registering Tron Wallet- In order to get started, the user will need to register a wallet that’s compatible with TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency. This can be made possible by integrating TronLink/ Tronpay/ TronWallet in the platform.

Investing- The smart contract that runs in the platform will be set in an automated way to pay a minimum of 20% of the investment amount every day along with a guaranteed 180% ROI in 9 days.

ROI- The return on investments called the profits can be credited to the account immediately after initiating an investment. The withdrawal of dividends will be allowed at any time.

Profit from referrals- One can add up their income by referring new users to the platform. The rewards are given in the form of TRX. Various level of referrals program can be added up as an attractive feature.  Remember, all the investment in the platform is done using only TRX since the platform runs in the Tron Network.

You may have the doubt about the way the platform owner is getting benefited from all these setup. There you go! Its pretty simple. Like any other Decentralized business model, the owner will get a commission. As an owner, you can get the commission of certain per cent from the dividends.

Why Pulsehyip for 20x9 TRON HYIP  Clone Development?

We, Pulsehyip can help you build a platform like 20x9 TRON HYIP platform. We provide the leading Tron DApp Development Services, DApp development services, Smart contract development services as well as Blockchain Development services,. Our experienced experts can thus, help you build a reliable TRON HYIP platform. Since there has been a boom in the Tron Network users, now is the right time. All you need to do is to get in touch with our expert Team.


Disclaimer : We do not own the site 20x9.com or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only Decentralized TRON Smart contract based HYIP solutions which enables you to develop your own TRON HYIP platform like "20x9.com". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "20x9.com".

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