Popular Board Plan MLM Software for all Industries

Popular Board Plan MLM Software for all Industries

Board Plan MLM software is an application that makes the operation of board plan MLM successful in a network. Commonly known as the Resolving Matrix plan or Matrix cycle Plan, the Board MLM is the most sought out plan in the network marketing industry. Let’s have a look upon the complete details of the  MLM Board Plan.  

Board MLM Plan

Board MLM plan or Resolving Matrix Plan is a simple plan well suited for a limited number of people within a network. It's the most popular International MLM Plan in the MLM industry. In this plan, a group of affiliates works as a team called Board. The number of affiliates in a Board is completely based on the type of Board plan in usage.

The most commonly used plan is the 2x2 Board plan where each member will be recruiting two other people. This process continues until each and every position of the board is filled. As the number of members reaches the limit of the board, and the top member gets promoted to a higher level. Every time the board reaches its maximum limit, this process keeps repeating.

A company can set the limit for the number of members a board can have and also the number of boards to be promoted as per their compensation plan. Understanding the plan can help you to get started with the MLM business easily. Read further to know how the Board MLM plan works and why it would be good for your MLM Business.

How does Board MLM Plan Work?

In a Board Plan, the board continually divides when it gets filled and one who is present at the top gets positioned to another board that the evolving. This positioning takes place automatically. The movement of the members depends upon the number of referrals.

Once you join the plan, a blank board will be allocated and you will have to fill the columns under you by recruiting new associates. The pattern, number, and dimension of the columns will be different with respect to each company. The above image represents the 3X3 matrix in a Broad MLM Plan. A commission will be awarded after filling your columns and the payment process will be based on the existing business plan of the company.

Commissions in Board MLM Plan

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus/ commission is calculated based on the number of sales an individual has done or the sponsoring of the user.

Matching Bonus

The bonus received by the members downline will be proportionally advantageous to their corresponding sponsor.

Level Commission

The Board MLM plan serves right for the users with active downline members by providing quality amount as a bonus. The commission entirely depends on the sales carried out by the downline members.

Position Bonus

The members will be able to receive a bonus after adding up new members downline along with an attractive bonus for those sponsors who complete their goals.

Board Completion Bonus

Just as the name suggests, the sponsor will be receiving a bonus by completing the cycle of the Board Plan.

Cycle commission/ Board Split Commission

When a sponsor switches over to another board during the cycle of the MLM Plan, he will be receiving a receiving cycle commission.

Popular MLM Board Plans

  • Single Board

  • Multi-Board

  • Shuffling Board

  • Auto Filling Board

  • Auto Filling Board

  • Manual Filling Board.

MLM Board Plan Commission Calculation

MLM companies usually will charge a one-time joining fee from every user, which is the case of Matrix Cycle Plan is a commission. But at the end of the Matrix cycle (i.e) after the allocation of 6 members in the network, Companies with Board MLM plan usually payout a compensation that is two times higher than the joining fee. The authority to set the commission rate is the solely admin’s decision.

Why Pulsehyip?

We Pulsehyip a leading MLM Software development company offer fully-featured Network Marketing software for the Board MLM plan. We have many successful clients who have happily implemented Board MLM Plan with our software to make their business reach heights.

Features of our MLM board plan

  • Unlimited Board Income

  • Options such as Auto splitting of boards

  • Recycling entry system into the board

  • Auto promotion of sponsor to a higher board

  • Finding an affiliate board and many more.

As an eminent MLM software development company, we provide the standard features required for the efficient multilevel marketing system. New features can also be integrated based on your needs to set up your network marketing system. Our technicians will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the project to bring out the maximum features in the software. You can get our ready-made MLM board script for all the types of business setup.

Since the MLM industry is growing rapidly, no more certain standard set of features are effective. By developing the software with trending innovations and designs we will help you to pave the way to your successful business.


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