Bitcoin Escrow Script - P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Escrow Services

Bitcoin Escrow Script - P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Escrow Services

Bitcoin Escrow Script- The need for it has grown! It sounds quite important and unique when we get to know about both the peer-to-peer exchange services along with escrow services. You will be aware of the P2P crypto exchange platform that’s integrated with bitcoin escrow services such as LocalBitcoins Exchange. In that way, here we will discuss in detail about the Peer to Peer crypto exchange with escrow services in it along side the importance of Bitcoin Escrow Script.

Before getting to know about P2P escrow, let us have a look in separate about the peer to peer crypto exchange and what is escrow and how escrow works in bitcoin exchange platform.

What is Peer to Peer Exchange?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange comprises decentralized exchange platform in which two individuals alone get interacted with one another without any intermediates like third party. That is, to describe it in a different way, in this P2P platform, the buyer and seller can perform the transaction in a direct manner using this peer to peer exchange service.

Some of the advantages of utilizing P2P crypto exchange platform includes searching, screening according to relevant requirements, rating availability, payment transactions processing either with or without escrow services.

What is Escrow?

An escrow is the financial arrangement which regulates the transaction payments of the funds with the help of third party holding takes place in between the two parties involved in the transactions. By using this escrow services, you can make your transactions more secure in protecting the payment within a secure escrow account. This happens only when all the terms and regulations got approved based on the agreement provided by escrow.

The word is derived from the old french word escroue that refers to the scrap of paper or a scroll of parchment, this explains about the deed that’s handled by the third party until the transaction is completed.

As the cryptocurrencies or bitcoin is used as a real money, bitcoin escrow will be needed  to ensure that the bitcoins are transferred only after the obligation between the parties is been fulfilled.

The escrow services are a great means to give buyers trust in a sales process by showing that the seller holds the required funds. Many other escrow services use the bank accounts to carry out such processes. But recently, the bank accounts are not needed for the escrow services as it uses blockchain technology like bitcoin.

How does Escrow Work?

As mentioned above, it is a part of third party role accessed while making payment transactions in a decentralized exchange.

Here, we will know about the working process of bitcoin escrow script and its process:

  • Escrow guides to remove the fraudulent activities as a trusted third party that performs the action to collect, hold and disburse funds as if satisfying both the buyer and seller making transaction.

  • In order to agree the terms, buyer and seller need to get registered to escrow before undergoing transaction. Once registered, all the parties agree to the terms of escrow terms.

  • At once the buyer pays to escrow system, i.e., buyer accepts and proceed with a payment to the secured escrow account. Escrow verifies and seller receives a notification like funds have been secured safe in an escrow account.

  • Once the escrow payment verification is done, seller need to send out the commodities to the buyer along with the tracking information. Escrow also verifies that the buyer is reached out with the merchandise.

  • After the product or asset reached the buyer, some days are set to buyer to inspect the commodities whether to accept it or reject it.

  • With the confirmation that, merchandise accepted by the buyer, escrow releases the payment of the funds to the seller from the secured escrow account.

What is the need for Bitcoin Escrow Script?


Let’s thinks about a scenario wherein you need to pay someone whom you are not familiar with in Bitcoins. To both you and the other person, there may be a doubt about the legitimacy of each person. In order to solve this situation, Bitcoin escrow services safely keeps the bitcoins in a deposit account to protect the buyer as well as the seller. Now the bitcoin is present in the control of independent third party.

This creates a secured transitional environment with someone whom you don’t have previous experience with. Transactions become more secured by keeping the payment safe until the required terms are met. The person will receive the payments when his work is done on his end.

Its like a safety net when multiple or one time transactions with someone you don’t know or don’t hold any legal contract with. This kind of payment using the escrow services can safely execute the transaction without the risk of losing money or fraud. The use of escrow service make it more easier for both the parties than to create a contract for a purpose. It allows a quick buy/sell facilitation without any extra time spent.

Now you may have questions!

Will my coins stay in the escrow forever when i forget to turn my offers off?

The coins will not stay in the escrow forever. The trade will time out after a short span of time. But remember to click away when you’re not available as the unresponsice vendors will be rated in the platform.

What will happen when the given instructions are followed and the payment is made but the vendor fails to release the bitcoins?

You can go into the dispute process when the vendors don’t release the coins or becomes unresponsive. The dispute will become available after 3hr of the trade. The moderators of the platform will look into the provided evidence and award the party their deserved denomination.

How escrow carries out an automated function?

The escrow is highly automated by the use of set of pre-programmed code called the smart contract whose functionality is based on the mutual agreement between the buyer and the seller.

What is decentralized Bitcoin Escrow script?

The exchange that uses the Escrow will support distributed ledger technology and all the other processes including escrow services in a decentralized manner. This helps to increase the privacy of traders within the network.

Way to Start Bitcoin Escrow Services as Business

No matter in which location you are in, you can easily start providing escrow service to the various countries and for various crypto related transactions that include ICO, Exchange, STO with the help of Advanced Customizable Bitcoin Escrow Script. The script will contain all the required data to set up a portal where the buyer and the seller can carry out the transactions by mediating yourself as an admin. In order to survive the unique competitive market you will have to integrate unique features in your platform.

Where to develop P2P Crypto Exchange with Escrow Services?

As we have seen in detail about the escrows and its usefulness in case of transactions that helps in transacting large amount of money with certain agreement to be accomplished before striking out with the payment.

To obtain P2P escrow services, Pulsehyip lead you to build cryptocurrency exchange development. Based on your business requirements, we develop you an exchange either with or without escrow services.

Pulsehyip offers you bitcoin escrow script that brings out with many unique features to stand apart in this crypto market place.

Our crypto exchange escrow script comprises the following features based on the trends of the cryptocurrencies and its rise in the field.

1. Multisig wallet integration

2. Execute with Smart contracts

3. Enhanced Speed

4. Encrypted keys with high speed

5. KYC/AML integration etc

These are some of the main features of our escrow P2P development services. You can consult our experts and get free demo to implement it.

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