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Build Your Own Bitcoin Banking Website

Starting a Bitcoin banking platform has the higher concentration in the world rather than other cryptocurrency businesses. 

Our economy couldn’t function properly without banks as well as, cryptocurrency Industry couldn’t function without Cryptocurrency banks. Cryptocurrency Bank is necessary for users to save their cryptocurrency in the secured wallet.

Pulsehyip offers high secured cryptocurrency banking solutions to build your own Bitcoin banking website in minutes.

By using Our cryptocurrency banking business solutions, you can provide all banking services for your users like Deposit, withdrawal, Lending, Transaction, Exchange, Investment in multiple schemes and mortgage loan

Cryptocurrency banking services

Get all kind of Banking services in your cryptocurrency banking website.


Launch your Own Bitcoin bank Today !

Pulsehyip cryptocurrency banking solution packed with populous service.

  • Instant Cryptocurrency deposit
  • Easy cryptocurrency withdrawal
  • Cryptocurrency Loan or Lending services
  • Cryptocurrency transaction from one account to another
  • Investment service with various investment plans
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Instant account opening and closing
  • Fund raising

The Future of Cryptocurrency Banking business applications

Most of the banks are connected with Blockchain technology. Are you Ready?

Protect your Cryptocurrency bank with Blockchain technology

Nowadays, most of the banks are using Blockchain technology to secure their data under one roof. Pulsehyip serve to build a security layer around your cryptocurrency banking website with Blockchain technology.


Blockchain Banking solutions

Pulsehyip provides complete Blockchain banking and financing solution to differentiate your cryptocurrency banking business from others and take advantage of the process improvements offered by this distributed digital-ledger- applications framework.


Benefits of starting Bitcoin bank with Blockchain technology

Get the below benefits by Starting your blockchain bank with our hi-tech bitcoin banking solution


No intermediaries involved

Disintermediation takes off both the risk and expense of counterparties and enables more empowerment for users to control their information.


Lower cost

Cryptocurrency banks can reduce interactions with counterparties and intermediaries by implementing smart contracts within the blockchain banking platform. It can reduce costs for maintaining and executing contracts.


Secure & faster transaction

Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency banks use the blockchain technology to reduce their time to settle transactions. Customers can receive verification in hours or minutes rather than taking the 1-3 days to verify crypto currency transfers.


Improved data quality

Data quality is a big deal to every banks. Cryptocurrency banks are not an exception. Cryptocurrency banks use blockchain technology to eliminate of duplication.

How Bitcoin Banking Platform Works

How Bitcoin Banking Platform Works