Which is the best bitcoin hyip script in 2018 ?

Which is the best bitcoin hyip script in 2018 ?

Bitcoin investment business with High Yield Investment Programs are growing trends among the internet which a lot of people are engaged with it. Owning a HYIP bitcoin investment site is one the the fastest ways of becoming wealthy today. Although, many business people already know about hyip bitcoin business, however, the problem is that many of them do not have the right hyip script to create the reliable bitcoin investment business platform. HYIP bitcoin investment sites involve a lot of activities, and as such, they require advanced features.


To integrate the advanced features and some special business add-ons on a hyip bitcoin investment site, we needs a good hyip script. In this article, we’ll be providing you with details of a powerful pulsehyip solution which you can use to easily build your bitcoin HYIP script for bitcoin investment business.


Pulsehyip – The Legitimate bitcoin hyip script

Pulsehyip is a PHP hyip script and it is designed with the latest admin and super admin to make the creation of a HYIP bitcoin investment site very simple and quick to complete. It offers all trendy features and some special cryptocurrency business add-ons for you.


Special features of pulsehyip solution


There is no doubt the Pulsehyip software solution is a very useful bitcoin hyip script, and some of the following features that make pulsehyip the best HYIP script 2018 :


# Flexible bitcoin investment plans

Pulsehyip bitcoin hyip script supports a variety of investment plans to make it flexible enough for your bitcoin investors to choose a plan that suits their budget. These investment plans include hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and endless investment plans.


# Multiple payment gateways

Bitcoin hyip script offers another great feature is multiple payment gateways such as bitcoin, paypal, skrill, bankwire, neteller, payeer, perfect money, and a all others.


# Compound and simple interest

Pulsehyip supports simple and compound interest models. In addition, bitcoin hyip script also comes with an interest calculator which investors can use to calculate the potential returns on each investment plan.

# Responsive Design

The bitcoin hyip script has been configured and mobile ready. What this mean is that investors can access your bitcoin investment business site using devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer PC.

# Escrow application

By using escrow application, your investors can make a secured cryptocurrency investment in your bitcoin/ cryptocurrency investment business platform. Yet the escrow application process is run by admin of the bitcoin investment platform and the admin must have the responsible to verify and validate the users and mutual investment process the bitcoin quantity of the investors respectively and the investment will be held only after checking by admin of the website.


Other Features and special cryptocurrency business add-ons :


Some of the other amazing features of bitcoin hyip script include API integration, support all cryptocurrency, performance bonus, first deposit bonus, referral commission, fee settings, in-built database backup, translation, firewall routing system, security, mass mail, and lots more.

Not only bitcoin investment business, you can also provide other business services in your hyip bitcoin investment site like bitcoin Exchange and trading, bitcoin Lending, ICO, Digital token investment add-ons.

All these and many others are the benefits you’ll get from making use of pulsehyip bitcoin hyip script for your HYIP bitcoin investment site.


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