240TronCity Clone Script to Start Tron based Investment Startup

240TronCity Clone Script to Start Tron based Investment Startup

The cryptocurrency market is now flourishing with many altcoins. Also the Bitcoin is now reaching its highest value (47K USD at the time of writing). This is all due to the increase in perception of bitcoin traders. The bitcoin scarcity has made bitcoin more valuable and its now treated like gold. The bitcoin rise has also influenced other cryptos. Mainly Tron network is now watching a rise in its users. There are many reasons contributing to it. Since tron provides its users a very secured decentralized solution at a lower cost, its preferred by the crypto users. Also Tron network focuses on the infrastructure rather than the just the use of its cryptocurrency. This produces more investment potential to the investors.

Tron network uses the cryptocurrency called the TRX or Tronix. This is the currency that’s paid for the content that’s created on the platform.

As its known that the tron blockchain supports secured, decentralized, scalable and trustworthy investment DApp many users seek such services on Tron.

Now lets look into one of the best investment platform with smart contract that’s build on Tron Blockchain.

240TronCity Investment Platform

240TronCity is Smart contract that’s uniquely built in such a way that it pays 20% daily income for every investment in the platform starting from the 50 TRX. Once the user acquires the TRON wallet they can start investing in the platform. The investment value can be raised even more by referring to many other users using the referral link they are provided with.

Cryptocurrency Wallet- In order to start investing the users must be logged in to their crypto wallet that fully supports TRON TRX. The most famous Tron based wallets include Tron link and TronPay. The TronPay functions as the browser extension and Tron Link functions as a mobile application. The users can use the wallets based on their convenience.

Profits from Investment- The dividends or the profits that’s acquired is sent to the respective wallets of the users on daily basis. This can be monitored in real-time. The users can also withdraw the dividends at anytime.

Smart Contract- The Smart contract on 240TronCitygenerates 20% dividends on daily basis of the users investment and it distributes the dividends to the main balance every second.

Referral Reward- Those who are invited to the community by the 1st level referral become the 2nd level referrals. This also brings additional profits.

Features of 240 Tron City

The major features of 240TronCity the best Tron Investment platform include

  • Saftey and Reliability

  • Dividend distribution

  • Referral Program

Tron Investment Platform Development

Tron Investment smart contract are decentralized Investment platforms that are built on Tron Network. Nowadays, crypto users choose TRX for their investment more than ETH. Because of this reason starting your own investment platform on TRON network can be more beneficial. This ensures trust among the users and helps to get high ROI.

Benefits of starting Investment Platform on Tron Network

  • Less initial investment requirement to launch the platform.

  • Less risk involved.

  • Ease of handling as all the process are automated.

  • Trustworthiness is increased as the interns increase the user density.

  • Eliminates fradulent activities

Thus, you can gain more by launching a Tron based Investment platform!

How to launch a platform like 240TronCity Crypto Investment platform ?

The best way to develop a Tron investment platform like 240TronCity is by availing clone script of the same platform. Why so? This will allow you to launch your tron investment platform instantaneously. The 240TronCity clone script will hold all the programming codes that’s required to develop a similar platform in a short span of time. The clone script will also be a white labeled meaning, it will be highly customizable. Through customization of the platform, one can add app more distinctive features to the platform that are unique and useful for the users of the platform.

Once the Platform is ready to be launched, the target audience should be fixed and the right time marketing has to be carried out in order to reachout to the target audience.

240TronCity Clone script

240TronCity clone script allows the crypto entrepreneurs who are searching for the best solution to launch a Tron based Investment platform a clear cut idea. The entrepreneurs can easily launch their platform without much need of a developer. This reduces the cost of hiring a full time developer. Are you ready to launch a platform like 240TronCity.

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Disclaimer : We do not own the site 240troncity.com or deal with them. Also we aren't involved in any kind of promotional activities for them or support any transaction. We provide only Smart contract HYIP software which enables you to develop your own HYIP platform like "240troncity.com". For the better understanding and easy identification we use the term "240troncity.com".

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